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15 Advantages Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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15 Advantages Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. What is a fiber laser marking machine?

Fiber laser marking machine is a device that uses laser beam to mark permanent marks on the surface of various materials. It uses a fiber laser to output laser, and then uses a high-speed scanning galvanometer system to achieve the marking function.

2. What are the power classifications of fiber laser marking machines?

The power classification of fiber laser marking machines includes 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 120W, etc. Fiber laser marking machines with different powers are suitable for different materials and marking needs.

3. What is the main advantages of a fiber laser marking machine?

As a modern precision processing method, laser marking machine technology has the following advantages compared with traditional processing methods such as corrosion, EDM, mechanical scribing, and printing:

1. The advantages of miniaturization and intensification brought by the low manufacturing cost of glass optical fiber, mature technology and the flexibility of optical fiber;

2. The glass fiber does not require strict phase matching of the incident pump light like a crystal, which is due to the wide absorption band caused by the non-uniform broadening caused by the Stark splitting of the glass matrix;

3. The glass material has a very low volume-to-area ratio, fast heat dissipation and low loss, so the up-conversion efficiency is high and the laser threshold is low;

4. There are many output laser wavelengths: this is because the energy levels of rare earth ions are very rich and there are many types of rare earth ions;

5. Tunability: due to the wide energy level of rare earth ions and the wide fluorescence spectrum of glass fiber.

6. Since there is no optical lens in the resonant cavity of the fiber laser, it has the advantages of adjustment-free, maintenance-free and high stability, which is unmatched by traditional lasers.

7. The fiber export makes the laser easily competent for various multi-dimensional and arbitrary space processing applications, which makes the design of the mechanical system very simple.

8. Competent in harsh working environment, with high tolerance to dust, shock, shock, humidity and temperature.

9. No need for thermoelectric cooling and water cooling, just simple air cooling.

10. High electro-optical efficiency: The comprehensive electro-optical efficiency is as high as more than 20%, which greatly saves power consumption during work and saves operating costs. High power, commercially available fiber lasers are six kilowatts.

11. The laser is used as the processing method, and there is no processing force between the workpiece and the workpiece. It has the advantages of no contact, no cutting force, and little thermal influence, which ensures the original accuracy of the workpiece. At the same time, it has wide adaptability to materials, and can make very fine marks on the surface of various materials with very good durability;

12. The laser has good spatial controllability and time controllability, and has great freedom in the material, shape, size and processing environment of the processing object, and is especially suitable for automatic processing and special surface processing. And the processing method is flexible, which can not only meet the needs of laboratory-style single-item design, but also meet the requirements of industrial mass production;

13. The laser marking is fine, and the lines can reach the order of millimeters to microns. It is very difficult to imitate and change the marks made by laser marking technology, which is extremely important for product anti-counterfeiting;

14. The combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can form efficient automatic processing equipment, which can print various characters, symbols and patterns, easy to use software to design marking patterns, change marking content, and adapt to the requirements of modern production with high efficiency and fast pace;

15. Laser processing has no pollution sources, and is a clean and pollution-free high-environmental processing technology;

What Is The Difference Between Different Wattages Of Fiber Laser Marking Machines?

1.Fiber laser marking machines are available in different wattages, 10w, 20w, 30w, 50w, 100w. They refer to the power of the laser of the fiber laser marking machine.such as 20w fiber laser marking machine,30w fiber laser marking machine,50w fiber laser engraving machine,100w fiber laser engraving machine. From the appearance of the machine, there is no difference. It depends on the laser used and the related configuration. So how can we see the power of the laser? You can directly see the power of the laser by looking at the nameplate of the machine; or test it with a power meter; or mark a metal workpiece with these four powers respectively, 10 watts can’t make any depth, but 20 watts can make a depth. , and so on, the deeper you hit, the greater the power.

2.Daily Maintenance Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. When the machine is not working, the power of the marking machine and the computer should be cut off.

2. When the machine is not working, cover the field lens lens to prevent dust from contaminating the optical lens.

3. When the machine is working, the circuit is in a high voltage state. Non-professionals should not overhaul it when it is turned on to avoid electric shock accidents.

4. If there is any failure of the machine, the power should be cut off immediately.

5. If the equipment is used for a long time, the dust in the air will be adsorbed on the lower end surface of the focusing mirror, which will reduce the power of the laser and affect the marking effect; When the marking effect is not good, the surface of the focusing mirror should be carefully checked for contamination.

6. If the surface of the focusing mirror is contaminated, remove the focusing mirror and clean its lower surface.

7. When removing the focusing mirror, be careful not to break or fall; at the same time, do not touch the mirror surface of the focusing mirror with your hands or other objects.

8. The cleaning method is to mix absolute ethanol (analytical grade) and ether (analytical grade) in a ratio of 3:1, infiltrate the mixture with a long-fiber cotton swab or lens paper, and gently scrub the lower surface of the focusing lens. On one side, the cotton swab or lens paper must be replaced once.

9. During the working process of the marking machine, do not move the marking machine to avoid damage to the machine.

10. Do not stack or place other items on the marking machine, so as not to affect the cooling effect of the machine.

If you have any questions about fiber laser marking engraving machine, contact us, we will help test in free for you.

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