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20w Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Standard Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Applicable to various materials: steel, aluminum, silver, gold, silicon. Applicable to various industries: electronic components industry, medical equipment industry, glasses and clock industry, IC card industry, jewelry industry

20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine----Fly laser Products

Standard Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Applicable to various materials: steel, aluminum, silver, gold, silicon. Applicable to various industries: electronic components industry, medical equipment industry, glasses and clock industry, IC card industry, jewelry industry

Product Description

The standard fiber laser marking machine (table top fiber laser marking machine) is a kind of laser marking machine, which uses a laser beam to mark the surface of various substances. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, so as to engrave exquisite patterns, trademarks and words. The marks printed by the laser marking machine have good wear resistance, are not easy to erase, have strong anti-counterfeiting functions, and have high processing efficiency, without consumables, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Laser marking machines are used to print engraving codes on the surfaces of bearings, instruments, flanges, valves, electronic components, communication equipment, hardware, mobile phone accessories, jewelry, auto parts and other metal and some non-metallic materials.

All air-cooled, no consumables, maintenance-free, low cost of use, low power consumption, no water cooling system, flexible optical fiber output, more convenient use, power saving and energy saving. Integrated modular design, easy maintenance, small size. Save your valuable factory space, mark environmental protection, not easy to fade, in line with international standards.

1) Laser: Using the third-generation fiber laser, the service life can reach 100,000 hours

2) Software function

a) Support separate red light indication preview

b) Powerful variable text function: fixed text, date, time, keyboard input, jump number, list file, dynamic, dynamic file, support EXCEL table, TXT file, support serial communication, network communication. Can be customized according to customer needs to read from any database file


d) Support common one-dimensional barcodes and two-dimensional barcodes, such as Code39, EAN, PDF417, DATAMATRIX, etc.;

20w fiber laser marking machinechina 20w fiber laser marking machine

Laser machine advantages:

1. Permanent: The mark will not fade due to environmental relations (touch, acid and reducing gases, high temperature, low temperature, etc.).

2. Anti-counterfeiting: The marks engraved by laser marking technology are not easy to imitate and change, and have strong anti-counterfeiting to a certain extent.

3. Non-contact: It can be processed with a non-mechanical "light knife", which can print marks on any regular or irregular surface, and the workpiece will not generate internal stress after marking, ensuring the original accuracy of the workpiece. No corrosion to the working surface, no "tool" wear, no poison, no pollution.

4. Wide applicability: using laser as processing method, it can process various metal and non-metal materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc.).

5. High engraving precision: The objects engraved by the laser marking machine have fine patterns, and the minimum line width can reach 0.04mm. The markings are clear, durable and beautiful. Laser marking can meet the needs of printing large amounts of data on extremely small plastic parts.

6. Excellent beam quality, suitable for precise and fine marking

7. The beam quality of the LFP series fiber laser marking machine is much better than that of the traditional flash lamp pumped and semiconductor pumped solid laser marking machines. It outputs the fundamental mode (TEM00) and has a small divergence angle. Especially suitable for high precision and fine marking.

8. Small size, easy to carry, and portable

9. The weight and floor space of LFP series fiber laser marking machine are 1/10 and 1/4 of that of flashlamp pumped solid-state laser marking machine respectively, which saves space and is easy to handle. It can adapt to the requirements of frequent change of processing locations and realize the portability of products.

10. The laser output power is stable and the equipment is highly reliable

11. The energy fluctuation is less than 2% to ensure the stability of the laser marking quality; the average trouble-free design service time can reach more than 100,000 hours, which is 200 times and 15 times that of the flash lamp pumped and semiconductor pumped solid-state laser marking machines respectively. .

12. High efficiency, low energy consumption and cost saving

13. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is 30%, and the equipment power is only 200~1000W, which is 1/10 of the flash lamp pumped solid-state laser marking machine. Long-term use can save users a lot of energy expenditure.

14. Operating software with independent intellectual property rights, easy to operate and powerful

15. It can mark vector graphics, text, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, etc., can be upgraded to realize online marking, automatic marking date, shift, batch number, serial number, support PLT, DXF, BMP\AI and other file formats, directly Use SHX, TTF fonts.

Model features

Small size, easy handling, and portability; maintenance-free operation under excellent beam quality, non-contact processing, high processing efficiency; computer control, easy to realize automation; good stability, high pulse frequency, uniform engraving lines; fine pattern, Engraving depth ability is strong.

The fiber laser uses a high-power multi-mode laser diode as the pump source, and the mirror-doped double-clad fiber is used as the laser medium. times), so as to process exquisite patterns.

Fiber laser marking machine is the third generation of laser marking machine system, using the world's most advanced laser technology, fiber laser marking machine using fiber laser output laser, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, and small size, free Maintenance, the laser wavelength is 1064nm, its stability is good, the pulse frequency is high, the engraving lines are uniform, the patterns are fine, and the engraving depth ability is strong.


Product Model


Marking Parameters

Focusing Lens





Marking range





Working distance





Marking speed

500 characters/sec (400 for high quality, 640 for good quality), Roman font, character height 1mm

Repeat positioning accuracy

<24 μrad(F160,4.3μm)

Mark the minimum character


Marking minimum line width

50μm(depending on material)

Marking Laser

Laser Type/Wavelength


Output power(W)

10/20/30(corresponding to the power of the product model)

Power stability (average power)


Pulse repetition frequency


Indicating laser

Laser type/wavelength

LD red light, wavelength 650nm

Output power




CPU: 2.8GHz; Memory: 4G; Solid State Drive: 120G; LCD Display: DELL Display Above 17 Inch

Cooling method

Air cooling

Operating ambient temperature

15~35℃, humidity≤90%

Lifting mechanism stroke


System power supply



120KG(with standard wood box)

Sample picture

20w fiber laser marking systemsfiber laser marking machine 20w 30w

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