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Why Can The Soft Pack Lithium Battery Run Out Of Fire?

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Why Can The Soft Pack Lithium Battery Run Out Of Fire?

Soft-pack lithium batteries are just liquid lithium-ion batteries covered with a polymer shell. In terms of structure, it is packaged with aluminum-plastic film. In the event of a safety hazard, the soft-pack battery will only explode with air at most.

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The advantages of soft pack lithium batteries are:

1. Good safety performance

Soft-pack batteries, unlike steel-cased and aluminum-cased batteries, will explode.

2. Light weight

The weight of the pouch battery is 40% lighter than the steel-cased lithium battery of the same capacity, and 20% lighter than the aluminum-cased battery.

3. Large capacity

The capacity of soft-pack batteries is 10-15% higher than that of steel-cased batteries of the same size, and 5-10% higher than that of aluminum-cased batteries.

4. Small internal resistance

The internal resistance of the pouch battery is smaller than that of the lithium battery. The minimum internal resistance of the domestic pouch battery cell can be less than 35mΩ, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery.

5. Flexible design

The shape of the pouch battery can be customized according to the needs of customers, and new cell models can be developed.

The laser welding machine of Feilei Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. can weld a variety of soft-pack lithium batteries to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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