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Why Are Laser Welding Equipment Manufacturers Favored By Many Battery Manufacturers?

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Why Are Laser Welding Equipment Manufacturers Favored By Many Battery Manufacturers?

With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, lithium batteries have also received great attention from the industry.

With the gradual repair of the automobile supply chain, the increase in travel and freight demand, and the improvement of residents' income expectations, the price of lithium batteries has risen.

In recent years, the Chinese government has given great support to my country's lithium battery industry. The "New Energy Vehicle Industry Plan (2021-2035)" proposed in 2020 to encourage enterprises to strengthen the protection of key resources, including lithium, nickel, cobalt, and platinum etc. Under the protection of national policies, listed lithium battery companies have performed very well.

A series of incentives have made lithium battery welding equipment manufacturers also favored by many battery manufacturers.

1000w fiber laser welding machine

Feilei laser welding equipment covers the power battery pack, energy storage battery pack PACK assembly line, and the overall solution equipment of the assembly line. It is customized according to the user, and meets the user's actual production needs and site requirements. The process solution is truly for lithium battery manufacturing Enterprises provide one-stop service.

Feilei Laser's lithium battery gantry mirror continuous laser welding machine is an efficient, safe and stable high-power fiber laser welding machine, which has excellent performance in lithium battery welding process.

Features of this model:

1. Gantry movement structure, large-format travel welding range;

2. High photoelectric conversion efficiency and very good beam quality;

3. The laser power is adjustable, the power consumption is less, and the daily maintenance is free;

4. Automatic top pressure welding device, reducing the requirements for welding equipment;

5. PC industrial computer, welding CNC programming system, easy to learn;

6. Support the addition of CCD visual positioning system and automatic focal length measurement system.

In the development of lithium batteries for new energy vehicles, a good laser welding equipment can solve many battery welding problems of many battery manufacturers: such as unsightly welding, slow welding speed, poor welding quality, high welding cost and many other problems.

Regarding the development of lithium batteries for new energy vehicles, we all know that the development prospects of the new energy vehicle industry are very promising, and in the future, lithium batteries will be the focus of market attention.

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