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Who Said That The Pattern Of Lithium Battery Manufacturers Is Small?

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Who Said That The Pattern Of Lithium Battery Manufacturers Is Small?

Laser welding machine is a very popular welding equipment in recent years.

In terms of materials, laser welding machines can be used to weld various metal plates of the same material, such as aluminum plates, iron plates, stainless steel plates, and copper plates. And mixed welding of various materials such as aluminum copper, stainless steel copper, etc. It covers fields far beyond traditional welding methods.

In terms of application fields, laser welding machines can be used in sheet metal, stainless steel metal, hardware products, advertising signs, handicrafts, battery components and other fields.

For example, the welding equipment of Fly Laser is mainly used in lithium battery welding. It has 12 years of excellent experience in the new energy lithium battery equipment industry. With its professional technical level and perfect after-sales service management, Fly Laser has made great contributions to the field of new energy lithium battery welding and automation.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of science and technology, many lithium battery manufacturers want to enter into automatic welding, thinking that machinery and equipment should also keep pace with the times, and feel that laser welding machines are more convenient than hand-held laser welding machines. I have to say that the pattern of many lithium battery manufacturers is really big!

3000w fiber laser welding machine

Why do many manufacturers want to enter the automatic laser welding machine?

Advantages of automatic laser welding machine

1. Laser welding is more beautiful, the deformation of the welding material is small, the weld seam is beautiful, and the heat-affected zone is small.

2. Laser welding has high production efficiency, especially with galvanometer welding equipment, its welding speed is at least three times that of ordinary welding machines, and labor costs are saved.

3. Laser welding is easy to learn, no special welder certificate is required, and female workers can weld easily.

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