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Where Is The Price Difference Of The Laser Welding Machine?

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Where Is The Price Difference Of The Laser Welding Machine?

As we all know, laser welding equipment has been widely used in various industries, such as: machinery manufacturing, precision electronics, jewelry, energy performance batteries, hardware and plastics, digital products and kitchen and bathroom industries. Today, I will introduce to you where the price difference of laser welding equipment is.

Comparison between domestic laser welding machines and imported laser welding machines:

1. With the continuous development of domestic science and technology, my country's laser technology has made great progress, but there is still a certain distance to catch up with foreign laser technology, because some parts in laser welding equipment need to be imported from abroad.

2. From the perspective of the performance of laser equipment, in fact, the performance difference between domestic and foreign laser welding machines is not very big, and even domestic laser welding machines have higher advantages than foreign laser equipment in some fields. However, since there are foreign imported parts in the laser equipment, the cost of the laser equipment will increase immediately.

3000w fiber laser welding machine

Reasons for the different prices of domestic laser welding machine brands:

1. Manufacturing cost: There are many brands of laser welding machines. Different brands have their own brand characteristics and their own advantages, but they are similar in structure. A laser welding machine is basically composed of laser generators, welding gun heads, control boards, operating systems, electrical circuit components, and sheet metal shells. For good laser welding equipment, the choice of parts must also be selected well, so that a more stable and higher-performance laser welding machine can be combined.

2. Technology: There are many manufacturers of laser welding machines, and the technical level is also uneven. Usually, the technical strength of a manufacturer can be seen from the production composition, commissioning and use, and after-sales maintenance of a device. The higher the level of technical personnel, the higher the manufacturer's cost will be, and the equipment price of this kind of manufacturer will not be too low, and some manufacturers without core technology will mostly promote the market with low prices. At this time, China The old saying "you get what you pay for" is very relevant.

3. After-sales service: The transaction of equipment will involve the problem of after-sales service. For laser welding machines, long-term use will definitely cause a certain degree of failure of the machine, and problems with the equipment will delay the production progress of the manufacturer. This It is time to test the after-sales service capabilities of equipment manufacturers. Excellent after-sales service will allow customers to produce better, of course, this will also increase the cost of manufacturers, and for those manufacturers that do not provide after-sales service, of course, their prices will be relatively cheaper.

Good laser equipment is not necessarily the most expensive, but it is the most suitable, but the principle of what you pay for is not unreasonable. In the end, how to choose a suitable laser welding machine depends on the manufacturer's own choice.

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