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What To Do With The Non-Uniform Laser Power Density Distribution Of The Laser Marking Machine?

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Laser marking machine is a commonly used high-precision processing equipment, which is widely used in many industries, but due to the influence of various factors, uneven distribution of laser power density will appear. So how should we deal with this situation?

First, we need to understand the reason for the uneven distribution of laser power density. One of the common causes is an improperly adjusted lens, causing the beam to shift from the focal point. This situation can be solved by readjusting the lens position to ensure that the beam is focused at the predetermined position.

In addition, the beam emitted by the laser marking machine may also have the problem of uneven energy distribution. There are generally two ways to solve this problem. One is to adjust the output power of the laser to make the energy distribution more uniform; the other is to use a power density controller to optimize the marking effect by automatically adjusting the power density distribution of the laser beam.

In addition, the uneven distribution of power density can also be improved by replacing and adjusting optical components. Especially for older laser marking machines, replacing some optical components such as lenses and mirrors will also play a very positive role in improving the uneven distribution of laser power density.

In general, we can adopt various methods to solve the problem of uneven distribution of laser power density. Through good maintenance and adjustment, give full play to the role of the laser marking machine, continuously improve the marking efficiency and quality, and bring more economic benefits to the production and processing of all walks of life.

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