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What Should I Do If The Marking Result Of The Laser Marking Machine Fades Over Time?

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As the laser marking machine is used for a long time, sometimes we may find that the marking results start to fade. In this case, we should take appropriate measures to solve this problem to ensure the marking quality and continuous stability.

The first thing to check is whether the laser marking machine is using the right material. There are many types of materials suitable for marking by laser marking machines, including: plastic, aluminum, steel, glass, ceramics, rubber, wood, leather, etc. Each material has a different surface property, structure and color, so if the wrong material is used for marking, discolouration may result. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate material according to the desired marking effect.

Secondly, check whether the marking parameters of the laser marking machine are appropriate. Marking parameters include: laser power, marking speed, pulse frequency, wavelength, focal length, etc. If these parameters are not set properly, it may also cause the marking results to fade. Therefore, we should reasonably adjust the marking parameters according to the characteristics of different materials.

Finally, maintain the laser marking machine regularly to ensure its good working condition. Regularly cleaning the lens, aligning the laser, replacing damaged parts, etc., all of these can increase the service life and stability of the laser marking machine, and at the same time ensure the quality of the marking results.

In short, the fading of the marking results of the laser marking machine is not a big problem. As long as we choose materials reasonably, adjust the marking parameters, and maintain and maintain the equipment regularly, we can ensure the quality and stability of the marking results. As the majority of laser marking machine users, we should be proactive and brave to try, constantly improve our technology and experience, so that laser marking technology can play a greater role!

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