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What Should I Do If The Laser Beam Expansion Effect Of The Laser Marking Machine Is Poor?

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What Should I Do If The Laser Beam Expansion Effect Of The Laser Marking Machine Is Poor?

As a high-precision and high-efficiency marking equipment, laser marking machine can be widely used in marking and marking of various materials. In use, sometimes the beam expansion effect of the laser beam is poor, and some measures need to be taken to solve it.

First, try to adjust the parameters of the laser marking machine. According to the specific situation, the laser beam expansion effect is better by adjusting the parameters such as laser power, scanning speed, and focal length. This needs to be adjusted for specific materials and marking requirements, and requires repeated trials and continuous adjustments to achieve the best results.

Second, check whether the optical path of the laser is clean and whether there are any problems such as damage. If there is damage, the corresponding parts need to be replaced; if there is dust or dirt, it needs to be cleaned. In this way, the quality of the laser beam emitted by the laser can be guaranteed, and the beam expansion effect can be guaranteed.

In addition, it is also possible to add some lenses or cams in the area where the laser beam passes to achieve the effect of beam expansion. This needs to be selected according to the specific marking requirements and the performance of the laser, and repeated trials are required to determine the appropriate solution.

In short, for the problem of poor laser beam expansion effect of laser marking machine, it can be solved by adjusting parameters, checking the cleanliness of the optical path, adding lenses or cams, etc. As long as the correct measures are taken, the beam expansion effect can be improved, thereby ensuring the quality and efficiency of marking.

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