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What Processes Are Included In The Lithium Battery PACK Production Line

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What Processes Are Included In The Lithium Battery PACK Production Line

1. Hierarchical and combined methods

2. Automatic welding technology

3. Semi-finished product assembly process

4. Aging test technology

5. PACK detection method

6. PACK packaging technology

3000w laser welding machine

Assembly line real shot

Lithium battery module PACK line composition:

PACK consists of auxiliary materials such as battery pack, bus bar, soft connection, outer packaging, output (including connecting sheet), barley paper, and plastic bracket.

PACK refers to the process of packaging, encapsulation and assembly, and its processing process is divided into three main links: processing, assembly and packaging. PACK is a separate component. Lithium battery laser welding machine manufacturer Xinde Laser believes that the PACK assembly line usually only has two functions of conveying and detection. At present, PACK's semi-automatic assembly production line has been widely used in various factories, mainly for the on-line, off-line, testing, in-factory transmission and packaging of PACK.

The production process of PACK is relatively simple, and its key processes include feeding, bracket sticking, electric welding, testing and other processes, and its key equipment is laser welding machine and various sticking testing equipment. At present, the layout of domestic lithium battery manufacturers in this area is not perfect, and laser equipment manufacturers such as Han's Laser have a relatively high market share in the field of PACK equipment.

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