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What Precautions Should Be Taken When Welding QCW Laser Welding Machine?

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QCW laser welding machine needs to pay attention to the following matters when welding:

1. During operation, if you encounter an emergency, such as water leakage or abnormal laser sound, you need to press the emergency stop button immediately and quickly cut off the power supply.
2. The external circulation water switch of the laser welding machine must be turned on before operation, because the laser system uses water cooling. If the cooling system fails, it is strictly prohibited to start the machine.
3. It is strictly prohibited to touch all circuit components in the machine while working, because when the laser welding machine is working, the circuit is under high voltage and strong current. Non-professionals are prohibited from operating the machine.
4. It is strictly prohibited to directly use your eyes to scan the laser while the laser is working to avoid damage to your eyes. 5. At the same time, it is prohibited to use external equipment to reflect the laser during laser operation.
6. Do not disassemble any parts in the machine at will, do not weld when the machine safety door is open, and do not aim the laser head at equipment parts.
7. Do not place flammable and explosive materials in the laser light path or where the laser beam can be irradiated to avoid fire and explosion.
The above are the main things that need to be paid attention to when welding with QCW laser welding machine. It is recommended to consult a professional operator for specific information.

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