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What Needs To Be Confirmed With The Customer To Customize The PACK Assembly Line

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What Needs To Be Confirmed With The Customer To Customize The PACK Assembly Line

With the vigorous development of new energy vehicles, the lithium battery industry has entered an unprecedented period of great development opportunities. Many battery manufacturers have replaced the PACK line in order to increase battery production, keeping intelligence and automation going hand in hand.

So, what requirements do customers need to confirm when booking a PACK line?

First of all, the PACK line is to help enterprises automate production. Therefore, manufacturers who order PACK generally have relatively large orders, so an overall production line planning is required.

Before the customer orders the PACK production line, we, as the provider of the entire PACK line solution, need to confirm two aspects with the customer

1. Production line planning:

Production line planning includes 6 major points:

1) Capacity requirements

2) The largest battery module

3) Maximum weight of the module

4) Resettlement site area

5) Whether to do MES system

6) Requirements for the degree of automation

2. Item selection of production line

The sub-item selection of the production line also includes many details, among which the configuration is required by the public: side plate welding requirements, CCD visual positioning, automatic distance measurement, jacking device, as for other requirements, it depends on the customer's own choice.

1) The total length of the line body, the line type: single layer/double layer/back shape

2) The maximum width of the production line

3) The maximum load capacity of the production line

4) Whether the wire body is powered

5) Roller power or double speed chain

6) How many blocking stations

7) How many pallets

8) Material requirements for pallets

9) Tray circulation return method

10) How many sorting tables and whether to make accessory racks

11) Battery extrusion method: manual/pneumatic/hydraulic

12) How many NG discharge stations

13) Polarity detection method: CCD or probe

14) Is there a protective cover

15) Laser machine power selection

16) Light output method: collimation/galvanometer

17) Is there a dust collection device?

18) Up and down handling method: robot / boom / custom / truss

These tedious details are all things that need to be confirmed with the customer.

Fly laser module assembly fully automatic pack line, familiar with the whole process of module pack, focusing on lithium battery laser welding.

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