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What Is The Reason Why The Manipulator Laser Welding Machine Has Been Recognized By The Scope

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What Is The Reason Why The Manipulator Laser Welding Machine Has Been Recognized By The Scope

Due to its fast welding speed, small heat-affected zone, small deformation of the material to be welded, beautiful weld seam and many other advantages, the laser welding machine has occupied a place in the field of non-contact welding, and has been widely used in various industries.

As people's needs continue to upgrade and change, manipulator laser welding machines are gradually becoming known to the public.

Manipulator laser welding machines are mainly used in industries such as aerospace, ships, automobiles, home appliances, and aluminum alloys. Thanks to the various advantages of deep penetration welding and heat conduction welding, laser welding is widely used in many fields. In some new fields, manipulator laser welding has also been well applied. For example, for mechanical parts with multi-layer structure, each part is cut off by laser cutting, and then organized into a multi-layer structure. Using the characteristics of high strength and small deformation of laser welding, the workpiece is welded into a whole, which can achieve the same level as mechanical processing. , which greatly reduces production costs.

So, why can the manipulator laser welding machine be widely used? This, along with its own advantages, cannot be ignored.

Advantages of robotic laser welding machine:

1. The robot arm is highly flexible, with the advantages of large-format welding and high welding efficiency;

2. Non-contact welding, the robot is highly flexible and can perform arbitrary welding actions;

3. Can carry out three-dimensional welding, not limited to plane welding;

4. The arm span uses a large-scale welding range, which has great advantages in the welding production line;

Compared with the production of laser beams, the operation of manipulator laser welding is simple and easy to use.

Nowadays, some challenges in the field of metal welding, such as the shape of workpieces are becoming more and more complex, and the requirements for welding quality are also getting higher and higher. Robotic laser welding is enough to deal with it.

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