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What Is A Ternary Lithium Battery? What Is Its Service Life? What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

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What Is A Ternary Lithium Battery? What Is Its Service Life? What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

What is a ternary lithium battery

Ternary lithium battery is a kind of lithium battery, mainly refers to the positive electrode material of the battery, usually the positive electrode material of lithium battery is lithium cobalt oxide. However, there are also lithium batteries that use nickel-cobalt lithium manganese oxide as the positive electrode material, commonly known as ternary material lithium batteries. Compared with lithium cobalt oxide, its price is cheaper, the withstand voltage is slightly higher, but the average voltage is slightly lower. The gram capacity is slightly higher, and the compaction is slightly lower. The battery capacity of the same model is slightly lower than that of lithium cobalt oxide batteries.

Ternary lithium-ion battery life

The service life of a lithium battery is the number of times it is used. For example: the life of a lithium battery is "500 times", and this "500 times" refers to a cycle of its charge and discharge, not the number of charges. A charging cycle means that all the power of the battery is from full to empty, and from empty to full. Strictly speaking, this is not the same as charging once. For example, a lithium battery only uses half of its power on the first day, and then fully charges it, and it is fully charged after using half of it for 2 consecutive days. Then, it can only be regarded as a charging cycle, and It cannot be counted as two.

And "500 times", to be precise, the manufacturer has achieved a rechargeable frequency of about 625 times at a constant discharge depth (such as 80%), reaching 500 charging cycles.

Theoretically, the lifespan of a ternary lithium battery can reach 800 cycles, which is the average lifespan among commercial rechargeable lithium batteries.

Advantages of ternary lithium batteries

Ternary lithium batteries are relatively balanced in terms of capacity and safety, and are batteries with excellent overall performance. The important functions, advantages and disadvantages of these three metal elements are as follows:

Co3+: Reduce the mixed occupation of cations, stabilize the layered structure of the material, reduce the resistance value, increase the conductivity and improve the cycle performance and speed. Ni2+: The capacity of the material can be increased (the energy density of the increased material volume). Since the radii of Li and Ni are similar, too much Ni will also cause Li-Ni mixed discharge due to dislocations with Li and the concentration of Ni ions in the Li layer. The larger the lithium, the more difficult it is to deinterlace it in the layered structure, leading to poor electrochemical performance.

Mn4+: It can not only reduce the material cost, but also improve the safety and stability of the material. However, if the content of Mn is too high, the spinel phase will easily appear and the layered structure will be destroyed, thus reducing the capacity and attenuation of the cycle.

High energy density is the biggest advantage of ternary lithium batteries, and the voltage platform is an important indicator of battery energy density, which plays a decisive role in the basic performance and cost of batteries.

Disadvantages of ternary lithium batteries

Poor safety and short cycle life are important disadvantages of ternary lithium batteries, especially the safety performance, which has become an important factor limiting their large-scale implementation and large-scale integration applications. A large number of actual tests have shown that it is difficult for large-capacity ternary batteries to pass safety tests such as acupuncture and overloading, which is why large-capacity ternary batteries usually introduce more manganese or even use manganese salts.

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