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What Are The Specific Measures For Laser System Cooling?

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What Are The Specific Measures For Laser System Cooling?

Specific measures for laser system cooling include:

1. Install air conditioning or heating facilities to keep the operating environment temperature of the laser equipment above the appropriate temperature.
2. Run the water chiller 24 hours a day, and the water will not easily freeze when it is flowing.
3. When the laser equipment is not used for a long time or has a power outage, be sure to drain the water in the chiller and store it in an environment above the appropriate temperature.
4. When the temperature is lower than the appropriate temperature, special antifreeze for laser equipment needs to be added to the machine in time.
5. If the temperature is likely to fall below the appropriate temperature, it is recommended to replace the cooling water with 100% antifreeze in advance. If the temperature is below 0°C, 100% antifreeze must be replaced.
6. When the temperature continues to be higher than the appropriate temperature, the antifreeze must be drained completely, and the chiller must be rinsed with purified or distilled water several times, and replaced with commonly used purified or distilled water.
To sum up, the above measures are specific methods for cooling the laser system. In order to ensure the stability and safety of the laser, we need to apply these measures reasonably.

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