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What Are The Specific Applications Of QCW Laser Welding Machines In The Medical Industry?

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The application of QCW laser welding machine in the medical industry mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Cardiovascular stent welding: Using laser welding technology, the stainless steel wire and polymer coating of the cardiovascular stent can be firmly welded together to improve its stability and reliability.

2. Conduit welding: In the manufacturing of medical devices, various conduits are needed. Laser welding technology can be used to precisely weld the various components of the conduit together to ensure its sealing and smoothness.

3. Medical device shell welding: Laser welding technology can be used to weld medical device shells, such as the shells of insulin pumps, pacemakers and other electronic components, to ensure their sealing and aesthetics.

4. Laser welding is also widely used in the production of medical devices such as vascular staplers, pacemakers, and cardiac stents. Vascular staplers are medical devices used to connect blood vessels during surgery. Laser welding technology can be used to make the cutting and suturing parts of the stapler, as well as weld the stapler shell. Pacemakers and heart stents also require the use of laser welding technology to produce electronic components and metal structural parts.

5. In the field of biological and medical engineering, laser technology is increasingly used and is increasingly used directly in therapeutic and diagnostic procedures on the human body, as well as in the manufacture of medical devices and implants.

In short, QCW laser welding machines are widely used in the medical industry, which can improve the quality and reliability of medical devices, and also bring higher efficiency and precision to the production and manufacturing of the medical industry.

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