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What Are The Reasons Why Laser Cleaning Of Oxide Layers Is Not Efficient?

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What Are The Reasons Why Laser Cleaning Of Oxide Layers Is Not Efficient?

The reasons why laser cleaning of the oxide layer is not efficient may be due to the following reasons:

1. Improper laser parameter settings: Laser cleaning requires setting appropriate laser parameters according to different cleaning requirements and material characteristics. If the parameters are set improperly, the laser energy may be insufficient or too strong, thus affecting the cleaning effect.

2. Poor laser beam quality: The quality of the laser beam has a great impact on the cleaning effect. If the beam quality is poor, the energy distribution may be uneven and the oxide layer cannot be effectively removed.

3. The surface of the cleaning object is in poor condition: If there are oil, dust and other contaminants on the surface of the cleaning object, it will affect the interaction between the laser and the surface, thereby reducing the cleaning efficiency.

4. Lack of effective auxiliary gas: During the laser cleaning process, using appropriate auxiliary gas can improve cleaning efficiency. If there is a lack of effective auxiliary gas or the gas flow is inappropriate, the cleaning effect will also be affected.

To sum up, to improve the efficiency of laser cleaning of oxide layers, it is necessary to adjust laser parameters according to actual conditions, improve beam quality, strengthen surface pretreatment and use appropriate auxiliary gases, etc.

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