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What Are The Characteristics Of High-Precision Welding Equipment Of Nanosecond Laser Welding Machine?

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The high-precision welding equipment of nanosecond laser welding machine has the following characteristics:

1. The laser power is high, the heat affected area is small, the deformation is small, and the welding speed is fast.
2. The welding seam is of high quality, smooth and beautiful, and has no pores. After welding, the toughness of the material is at least equal to that of the parent material.
3. The product will not deform or discolor after welding, and does not require treatment.
4. Humanized design, LCD screen display and centralized button operation make it easier to operate.
5. The four-dimensional ball screw worktable adopts an imported servo control system, and a rotating worktable can be selected. 6. It can realize automatic welding methods such as spot welding, linear welding, and circumferential welding.
In addition, nanosecond laser welding machines also have the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, wide range of welding materials, and controllable welding depth. This kind of welding machine can achieve high-precision welding, high-quality welding joints, and good welding effects; it uses high-energy-density laser beams for welding, which can quickly complete the welding task and improve production efficiency; it can weld various metal materials, such as steel, Copper, aluminum, etc.; the welding depth can be controlled by adjusting the power and focal length of the laser beam to achieve welding at different depths.

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