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Under The Wave Of New Energy, Laser Welding Helps The Production Capacity Of Power Batteries Soar

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Under The Wave Of New Energy, Laser Welding Helps The Production Capacity Of Power Batteries Soar

According to the packaging method of the battery, the battery is divided into three types, namely cylindrical battery, square battery and pouch battery. For this kind of battery, even if there is a safety problem, the soft pack battery will only expand and crack, and will not explode because of the use of a metal shell. When most battery manufacturers enter the market, they will choose lower-cost prismatic batteries. The data shows that in 2021, the market share of prismatic batteries will reach 86.4%, while that of pouch batteries will be 7.4%.

However, due to the increase in sales of electric vehicles, spontaneous combustion incidents of electric vehicles have occurred frequently, and some energy storage stations have exploded before. The industry has to consider that square batteries are mainly used, which is slightly less safe. Due to the continuous development of battery production technology in my country and the localization of key materials such as separators, the production cost of pouch batteries has reached an affordable level. As consumers pay more and more attention to safety, pouch batteries perform well in terms of safety and will return to the mainstream in the near future.

Thanks to the global electrification trend, power battery production capacity will continue to increase. Coupled with the increase in the penetration rate of soft packs, soft pack production capacity will surpass the industry. From 2025 to 2030, the global demand for power batteries will reach 556GWh. 1500GWh, compared with 113GWh at the end of 2019, the growth rate reached 31% and 27%. At the same time, due to the relatively low penetration rate of soft-pack batteries in my country, the shipments of soft-pack batteries will exceed the industry's average growth in the future.

The high energy density, high safety, high conductivity, high rate, and high cycle performance of soft-packed lithium-ion batteries are especially suitable for large-capacity power batteries, especially in the battery industry. Therefore, tab/busbar welding is a must for battery manufacturing important part of the process.

The use of laser welding equipment has greatly improved the welding efficiency of pouch batteries, and it is also the preferred welding equipment for many battery manufacturers.

Fly laser intelligent equipment is used in lithium battery welding process from square aluminum shell shell sealing welding, explosion-proof valve welding, busbar welding, liquid injection port welding, pole village to collision welding, tab to nickel welding, stud welding, Busbar A large number of practical applications of module welding in the market, covering power battery packs, energy storage battery fiber PACK assembly lines, and overall solution equipment for assembly lines, are tailored according to users, and meet the actual production needs of users and process solutions for site requirements. To provide one-stop service for battery manufacturers, and to make positive contributions to the development of the country's new energy lithium battery industry.

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