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The Three Core Accessories Of The Laser Welding Machine And Their Functions

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The Three Core Accessories Of The Laser Welding Machine And Their Functions

There are multiple switchboard configurations for laser welding machines, and accessories such as galvanometers, chillers, and lasers, which are well-known to the public, are all important accessories, and their functions are indispensable.

First, let's talk about the galvanometer. The galvanometer is one of the important factors determining the quality of the laser welding machine. The galvanometer is the main factor affecting the quality of the laser welding machine. In a high-speed scanner, the working principle of the laser galvanometer is to convert the signal into a digital signal. The laser galvanometer is the core part of the welding equipment, and its working performance directly affects the work of the laser galvanometer, and the laser welding is realized through this system.

With the galvanometer, the automation and speed of the laser have been greatly improved. Due to the large mechanical inertia of the laser processing head or workbench, the laser processing speed of the processing system of the traditional laser processing system is relatively slow, while The laser processing system with the galvanometer as the core solves this problem fundamentally, which greatly improves the processing speed, which is several orders of magnitude higher than the original speed.

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Secondly, the chiller can make the laser equipment achieve the expected cooling effect in a short time. The heat generated by the laser is very large, and the use of laser cooling can keep the temperature of your laser equipment in a stable temperature range, so that the laser can play the best effect. In general, the working temperature of the laser is very high, and adjusting the temperature can help dissipate heat and avoid heating of important components. Moreover, this temperature adjustment can greatly improve the lifetime of the laser.

The last is the laser. The laser is a device that uses radiation to realize visible and invisible light. It has the characteristics of complex structure and high technical difficulty. It is a comprehensive system composed of four major systems: optics, power supply, control, and machinery.

The galvanometer, chiller, and laser are the three cores of the laser welding machine, and the cost performance of the laser welding machine with these configurations will be higher.

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