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The Overall Solution Of Fly Laser Lithium Battery PACK Production Line

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The Overall Solution Of Fly Laser Lithium Battery PACK Production Line

In the past two years, many people know that the battery of an electric car is like the heart of the car. As long as its heart is healthy, it will become better. Today, our lithium battery laser welding machine manufacturer Fly Laser will take a look at Power battery manufacturing technology!

In the pack industry, a battery that is not assembled for direct use is called a battery cell, and a complete battery that is connected to a PCM board and has functions such as charge and discharge control is called a battery. In pack components, the battery is a very key parts.

The most commonly used batteries in PACK: polymer, aluminum shell lithium ion, steel shell lithium ion, cylindrical battery.

With the development of pack technology, the welding method is also constantly improved, from the initial wire welding technology, to nickel sheet welding, then to nickel sheet spot welding, and then to laser spot welding.

Battery pack process:

Laser spot welding process: the battery core and the protective plate are connected by spot welding of nickel sheet metal, and then assembled with a plastic shell.

Equipment used: laser welding machine

Disadvantages: very high requirements on product design and process.

Advantages: The product is stable, reliable and consistent.

Lithium battery pack production line process:

Cell loading area station → single cell scanning code test, glue paste → pole test → pole detection → extrusion, bundling → installation of busbar cleaning, welding → sampling line installation and welding → UV glue, heat conduction glue, Glue at the sampling end→communication test→offline of the finished module

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