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The Lithium Battery Industry Is Flourishing, And Laser Welding Has Become A New Trend

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The Lithium Battery Industry Is Flourishing, And Laser Welding Has Become A New Trend

The trillion-dollar energy storage industry is about to usher in the prelude to marketization, and the largest competition has already begun.

Due to the relatively mature electrochemical energy storage technology, mature technology, high energy density, and high conversion efficiency, with the scale effect of battery materials, the continuous decline in costs, the continued favorable industrial policies, and the massive launch of new energy vehicles, electrochemical energy storage Energy storage has entered a period of rapid growth and has become the mainstream of energy storage project market growth.

In the next ten years or even longer, a lithium battery energy storage super track is taking shape.

At present, the energy storage of lithium-ion batteries has entered a cycle of super explosion. At present, the cost of iron-lithium batteries in my country is very high, but in foreign countries with high electricity prices, its economic benefits are already very good. At present, iron-lithium batteries have become the most mature electrochemical energy storage, and their economic efficiency will continue to increase with the decrease of their cost and the extension of their service life.

6000w fiber laser welding machine

In the current market, most battery manufacturers that use handheld laser welding machines are using automatic laser welding machines to adapt to new trends and improve battery performance at the same time.

Lithium battery laser welding machine manufacturer Feilei Laser, as a high-tech enterprise focusing on new energy lithium battery laser welding equipment, its laser welding machine equipment has been favored by many leading industries. 2000W gantry galvanometer continuous laser welding machine, welding lithium battery pack connector, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, long laser life, high-speed galvanometer laser welding head, high precision, good beam quality, can weld square shell, large soft package, large Cylindrical lithium battery, one machine with multiple functions, very cost-effective.

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