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The Development Of New Energy Vehicles Drives The Demand For Laser Welding Machines To Increase

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The Development Of New Energy Vehicles Drives The Demand For Laser Welding Machines To Increase

As the country pays more and more attention to the manufacturing industry, many enterprises are transforming and upgrading, which requires many manufacturing industries to continuously increase the requirements for welding quality. As a result, the penetration rate of laser welding in many industries continues to increase, especially It is the processing and manufacturing of metal materials and parts, and its penetration rate is at a relatively high level. At present, the automobile industry is an important application market for fiber laser welding machines in my country, especially the new energy electric bridge vehicle and electric vehicle industry.

The total body parts of an electric car are composed of about 20,000 parts, of which iron parts account for the largest proportion (although they are collectively called iron, but most of them use castings such as steel plates), so the welding process is an important part of the automobile production and processing process. An indispensable part.

Compared with traditional welding technologies such as traditional resistance welding, fiber laser welding machine technology is superior in new alloy materials, and it has many advantages, such as: fast welding speed, good quality, high production efficiency, beautiful weld seam, small heat-affected zone, The welding material is not easy to deform and so on. Laser welding not only creates an efficient and safe welding condition for the processing of auto parts, but also greatly saves the production cost of the electric vehicle industry and improves production efficiency.

1500w fiber laser welding machine

With the popularization of the global electric vehicle industry, the combination of laser welding technology and electric vehicle production is the general trend. It is believed that in the near future, the demand for new energy vehicles will increase significantly, and the demand for laser welding machines in the production line will also increase. Will continue to improve, the market prospect is broad.

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This laser welding equipment developed by Fly Laser is suitable for power lithium battery packs such as new energy lithium batteries to nickel, tabs, poles, copper-aluminum connectors, busbar connectors, square shells and polymers to nickel. Laser welding has the advantages of fine laser welding spots, high precision, and high degree of automation. It can weld lithium battery packs of various specifications and models.

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