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Talking About The Perfect Advantages Of Iron-Lithium Batteries In The Application Field

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Talking About The Perfect Advantages Of Iron-Lithium Batteries In The Application Field

The full name of iron-lithium battery is lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion battery, which is suitable for power applications, and some people call it "iron-lithium power battery". (hereinafter referred to as "iron-lithium battery"), compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, iron-lithium batteries have the following advantages: high energy density, strong safety, good high-temperature performance, high power output, long cycle life, light weight, and save machine room Reinforcement cost, small size, long battery life and other advantages. So, what are the main application fields of iron-lithium batteries? Why can he occupy half of the battery industry?

Application field of iron lithium battery

1. Application of new energy automobile industry

Iron-lithium batteries are widely used in passenger cars, passenger cars, logistics vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles, etc. due to their advantages in safety and low cost. , Relying on the advantages of energy density, ternary batteries once occupied a dominant position, but iron-lithium batteries still occupy irreplaceable advantages in the fields of passenger cars and logistics vehicles. The latest data shows that the current positive electrode material power batteries and ternary power batteries account for 72% and 28% respectively, and iron lithium batteries account for half of the country. Lithium-iron batteries have good cycle performance, and the cycle life can exceed 2,000 times. At the same time, the price is lower and the cost advantage is obvious. It is mainly used in new energy buses and trucks that focus on safety and economy.

2. Start the application on the power supply

In addition to the characteristics of power lithium batteries, starter-type iron-lithium batteries also have instantaneous high-power output capabilities. Power-type lithium batteries with energy less than one degree of electricity are used to replace traditional lead-acid batteries, and BSG motors are used to replace traditional starter motors and generators. Not only has the function of idling start and stop, but also has the functions of coasting with the engine stopped, coasting and braking energy recovery, acceleration assist and electric cruise.

3. Application in the military market

Lithium iron battery has a series of unique advantages such as high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, green and environmental protection, and supports stepless expansion, suitable for large-scale electric energy storage. As we all know, military defense has always been a key construction area in China. Lithium batteries have been around for more than 30 years. Many national-level high-tech projects such as military technology, rail transit, and aerospace require the use of iron-lithium battery packs, which shows that the technology of lithium batteries is very mature and perfect.

A strong country must have a strong national defense, and a strong army must have a strong military industry. As the material basis of a new generation of weapons and equipment, new military materials are also key technologies in the military field in the world today, the key to modern sophisticated weapons and equipment, and an important part of military high-tech. Countries all over the world have attached great importance to the development of military new material technology.

You must know that on the battlefield, soldiers and vehicles are in a state of motion. At this time the main means of power supply is: the battery. All kinds of complex aiming devices, night vision devices, radio stations, and GPS equipment in the hands of the US military require batteries to maintain power. Electronic equipment, including communication tools, is very important to soldiers. Without electronic equipment on the battlefield, they cannot obtain battlefield dynamics in a timely manner, cannot obtain friendly support, and become "deaf" and "blind". Electronic equipment will become scrap copper and iron when it is separated from the power supply.

Steady growth in the global military battery market is gaining in importance with the continuous adoption of advanced military equipment to augment the armed forces. Upgrades and replacements for mission-critical military technologies require high levels of battery performance and precision. Military-grade Lithium-Ion batteries are custom-made to be integrated into rugged portable equipment, stand-alone, or serve as central energy storage for soldiers in harsh combat and training conditions. All batteries can be charged with various constant current/constant voltage chargers.

Batteries are still the most important power source for the military. Lithium iron batteries are widely used in military equipment, rail transit, new energy vehicles, UPS energy storage and many other fields. Continuous advances in technology mean that more and more equipment used by soldiers requires iron-lithium battery packs as primary or backup power sources. Almost everything a modern soldier carries, from daylight video sights and GPS units to wireless transceivers and thermal weapon sights, incorporates battery power.

The requirement for additional battery power dramatically increases the weight soldiers must carry and has led to a need for smaller or lighter military batteries that can still provide high performance and efficiency. In order to keep up with the demand for advanced military battery technology, the iron-lithium battery developed by Chuaneng Electric is smaller, more powerful and more reliable, making it easier for soldiers to carry equipment into training and combat.

With the wide application of lithium batteries, the status of lithium batteries in the battery industry is gradually rising, and it occupies half of the battery industry. In general, iron-lithium batteries have set off a trend in the market due to their good cycle life, safety, and low-temperature performance. According to reports, iron-lithium batteries have been tried to be used in electric buses, electric vehicles, etc. Truck, user side and grid side frequency regulation.

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