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Precision Welding Of Battery Tabs

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Precision Welding Of Battery Tabs

The battery tab is a raw material for lithium-ion polymer battery products. It is used in many products in our daily life, such as mobile phone batteries, Bluetooth batteries, and notebook batteries. Today we will talk about the precision welding of battery tabs.

The battery is divided into positive and negative poles. The tab is the metal conductor that leads the positive and negative poles out of the battery. Simply put, it is the contact point of the ears of the positive and negative poles of the battery when charging and discharging. This contact point is not the copper piece we see on the outside of the battery, but a connection inside the battery. The tabs are divided into three materials. The positive pole of the battery is made of aluminum, the negative pole is made of nickel, and the negative pole is also made of nickel-plated copper. They are all composed of two parts: film and metal strip. The film is the insulating part of the tab. Its function is to prevent the short circuit between the metal strip and the aluminum-plastic film when the battery is packaged, and to heat (about 140 degrees Celsius) and heat-melt the aluminum-plastic mold to prevent leakage when the battery is packaged. A piece of film sandwiching the metal strip. The films used in the market include black glue, white glue and single-layer glue.

Lithium battery is a power source that provides power for power tools. It is generally used as a battery that provides power for electric vehicles, electric bicycles and other electronic equipment. It is widely used because of its long life, large capacity, small size, and light weight. Various fields.

During the assembly process of lithium batteries, the battery and tabs are first welded, and then the nickel sheet is welded. Before the tabs and nickel sheets are welded, the battery needs to be OCV tested, the tabs are trimmed and cut, and then the nickel sheet is welded. .

The energy and spot position of laser welding can be precisely controlled, which is especially suitable for precision processing. For small lithium batteries in the consumer electronics field, laser welding machines are currently used in the industry.

Longmen continuous laser welding machine of Feilei Laser

The equipment adopts a gantry structure and a 1500-6000 watt fiber laser. The laser has a long service life and is currently the laser with the highest photoelectric conversion energy. The welding path of the equipment can be freely modified, and the operation is simple and convenient. It has great performance in the lithium battery pack welding process. Advantage.

It is suitable for all kinds of laser welding of new energy lithium battery to nickel, copper and aluminum connecting pieces, tabs, poles, explosion-proof plates, busbar connecting pieces, square shells and polymer to nickel and other power lithium battery packs.

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