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Power Battery PACK Production Line Provides Convenience For Battery Mass Production

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Power Battery PACK Production Line Provides Convenience For Battery Mass Production

Power batteries are the key components of new energy vehicles. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles today, to achieve high-density, high-quality safety and reliability of power batteries has become the focus of power battery technology, especially in the three major markets, electric With globalization, penetration rate, and new energy vehicles entering thousands of households, it is more urgent to improve the quality and efficiency of power batteries.

As we all know, traditional handheld laser welding machines have been gradually replaced by automatic laser welding machines, and many battery manufacturers have replaced them with automatic laser welding machines, which not only saves labor costs, but also improves quality and efficiency.

The advantages of laser welding are obvious, precise welding, small heat-affected zone, small workpiece deformation, and high laser welding efficiency.

With the continuous upgrading of technology, the automatic laser welding machine can no longer simply meet the output needs of battery manufacturers, which makes the battery module pack debut.

Lithium battery PACK production line manufacturer Feilei Laser's fully automatic square shell battery PACK intelligent equipment line is used in the assembly of power battery packs/energy storage battery packs with square aluminum shell cells PACK. It consists of upper and lower double-layer double-speed chain lines. The whole line is respectively Two sections of PACK assembly line and module assembly line, key units: manipulator feeding, sorting machine, extrusion binding, CCD polarity detection, laser cleaning, side plate welding, busbar welding, total pressure insulation test, CN bad discharge mechanism, The main body of the general assembly line, etc., can be customized according to user needs.

Advantages of PACK line:

Modularity: Modularization of key units, easy installation and maintenance, free combination of processes according to actual production needs, simple and convenient operation

Efficiency: upper and lower circulation transfer, assembly line, efficient and standardized

Intelligent: intelligent operating system, scientific management, strong visitability

Lithium battery PACK production line manufacturer Xinde Laser is a company that focuses on the research and development of new energy lithium battery laser welding. In order to better develop new products, Fly Laser has continuously increased capital investment and improved technology research and development. The large production lines are fully automatic power battery module PACK production line, semi-automatic power battery module PACK production line, laser welding station + power double-speed link assembly line. Lithium battery manufacturers are welcome to come to consult!

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