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Power Battery Automation PACK Production Line Solution

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Power Battery Automation PACK Production Line Solution

Lithium battery PACK production line manufacturer Fly Laser provides a complete line solution for power battery packs and energy storage battery pack modules.

The cabinet adopts the gantry type three-axis linkage motion mode, which can weld a large amount of materials.

Lithium battery PACK production line Fly laser intelligent equipment can be used in the sealing welding of square aluminum shells, explosion-proof valve welding, busbar welding, liquid injection port welding, pole-to-nickel welding, tab-to-nickel welding, Turn stud welding, busbar module welding and other power battery pack laser welding can be customized according to the user's actual production needs and site requirements, and truly provide a one-stop solution for lithium battery manufacturers. Service, committed to making positive contributions to the national new energy lithium battery laser welding business.

Power batteries are the core components of new energy vehicles, and their quality directly determines the performance of the vehicle. Lithium battery manufacturing equipment is generally divided into three types: front-end equipment, mid-end equipment, and back-end equipment. The accuracy and automation level of the equipment will directly affect the quality of the product. Productivity and consistency. The new energy lithium battery welding technology is widely used in the lithium battery industry because of its own technical advantages. The new energy lithium battery welding technology is 3-10 times faster than the traditional welding technology, saving labor costs, easy to learn, and meeting various requirements. Lithium battery combination requirements.

What is a battery pack? Fly Laser believes that in the battery PACK industry, a battery that is not assembled and can be used directly is called a battery cell, and a complete battery that is connected to a PCM board and has functions such as charge and discharge control is called a battery cell. In the pack component , the battery is a very critical component. The most commonly used batteries in PACK: polymer, aluminum shell lithium ion, steel shell lithium ion, cylindrical battery. With the development of pack technology, the welding method is also constantly improved, from the initial wire welding technology, to nickel sheet welding, then to nickel sheet spot welding, and then to laser spot welding.

Laser Welding Solution for PACK Production Line of Flying Radium Laser Square Shell Battery

Project name: Battery module assembly welding + PACK assembly project

Battery module welding project:

1. Realize automatic loading detection, cleaning, dispensing, and automatic stacking of batteries into modules, with strong compatibility, and any combination of several strings can be arbitrarily combined to realize automated production;

2. The artificial core is bundled on the manual line, and the connection pole piece is installed;

3. For the welding part, it automatically recognizes copper, aluminum, and copper-aluminum materials, and then switches the welding mode. (There are many product models, and the position of the connecting piece changes, and vision is required to locate and identify materials)

Under the premise of the current rapid development of science and technology, labor costs are gradually increasing, and more and more companies are beginning to transition to automated production models. Automation can not only save labor costs, but also greatly improve production efficiency. With the maturity of domestic laser technology, laser welding technology has gradually become popular in various industries. Laser welding equipment has been widely used in many fields such as automobile manufacturing, metal processing, machining, aerospace and precision instruments.

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