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Overseas Household Energy Storage Demand Is Strong, Fly Laser Equipment Continues To Export

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Due to the complex international situation, weather changes and the impact of the new crown epidemic, energy prices and electricity prices in Europe and the United States continue to rise, resulting in a "blowout" of energy storage demand from foreign customers

With the advancement of the national "dual carbon" strategy, my country's energy storage industry support policies have been continuously introduced, and foreign market demand is also rising, driving the rapid growth of battery and related energy storage equipment manufacturers' income.

"The demand for energy storage in foreign households is huge, of which Europe and Africa account for more than 60%, and the rest are Australia, North America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and China."

Driven by multiple favorable factors, Fly laser welding equipment has been exported to overseas markets in large quantities, and has won unanimous praise from overseas users, especially Fly Laser's gantry galvanometer continuous laser welding machine.

Fly laser gantry vibrating mirror continuous laser welding machine is mainly used in new energy lithium batteries: busbar welding, nickel welding, tab welding, stud welding, bus bar welding, explosion-proof valve welding, shell sealing welding, liquid injection port Welding etc.

The rapid development of the energy storage market has promoted the demand for energy storage batteries and related industrial chain products.

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