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New Energy Storage Is Ready To Go, And Fly Laser Turns Risks Into Opportunities

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New Energy Storage Is Ready To Go, And Fly Laser Turns Risks Into Opportunities

In order to increase production capacity and accelerate market penetration, in recent years, domestic battery manufacturers have made every effort, from land to factories, to tens of billions of fixed growth, all because of the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry. But at the industrial level, the crazy expansion of major battery companies has not only been limited to the field of new energy, but also set their sights on the rapidly growing field of energy storage.

With the massive investment in new energy infrastructure, the peaks of power generation and power consumption are misaligned, making its role in the entire energy cycle more and more obvious. In addition, as an important part of my country's energy cycle, energy storage technology has also received strong support from the government. At present, affected by various factors such as policies, electricity prices, and the penetration of new energy power generation, the development speed of my country's energy storage industry will double within this year.

With the exponential growth of the energy storage market, the assembly line technology of the PACK module production line has been recognized by people again. This not only reduces the labor cost of battery manufacturers, but also greatly shortens their delivery time.

1500w fiber laser welding machine

Fly Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is an automated intelligent equipment technology enterprise that focuses on laser welding of new energy lithium batteries and integrates R&D, manufacturing and service. The company has complete production equipment, a cutting-edge technical talent team, and a complete after-sales service system. The equipment and products have been widely used in many leading and well-known enterprises in the lithium battery industry. The superior quality has been recognized and supported by a wide range of customers.

As a senior provider of new energy lithium battery welding equipment and PACK complete line solutions, Fly Laser has developed a fully automatic power battery module PACK production line this year, and its production line production efficiency is about 300-500 sets/day . 

Its equipment advantages:

Modularity - modularization of key units, easy installation and maintenance, free combination of processes according to actual production needs, simple and convenient operation;

Efficiency - upper and lower circulation line transmission, streamlined, efficient and standardized;

Intelligence—intelligent operating system, scientific management, and strong viewing.

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