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ny Car Companies Deploy Soft-Packed Prismatic Batteries, And Battery Products Will Be More Diversified In The Future

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ny Car Companies Deploy Soft-Packed Prismatic Batteries, And Battery Products Will Be More Diversified In The Future

With the continuous improvement of users' requirements on the shape of batteries, square batteries have become the focus of attention of major manufacturers.

You must know that most domestic automakers, except Volkswagen and BMW, use prismatic batteries, which is why many companies have changed their strategies and started to deploy prismatic batteries.

1. Enrich the product types of batteries to adapt to various applications, such as energy storage.

2. Driven by the carbon neutral strategy, energy storage batteries have been greatly improved in terms of battery life, cost, and safety. Therefore, lithium iron phosphate batteries occupy a large part in battery cost, life, etc. The advantages.

Economical cars are highly sensitive to model and cost, but the market size of economical cars is very large, which has prompted many manufacturers to set their sights on the square market.

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In order to adapt to a wider range of application scenarios, soft-pack and cylindrical battery companies have developed into prismatic batteries and continuously improved their product lines.

Similarly, many prismatic battery manufacturers are also making reverse layouts in fields such as soft packs and cylinders. Although Ningde era is the leader of domestic square batteries, it also has a layout of soft pack batteries.

From a global perspective, Daimler, Hyundai, GM, Geely, Honda, etc. are all based on pouch batteries, because pouch batteries have higher energy density and safety; in addition, their weight and flexibility are also obvious of.

Feilei laser welding equipment can weld soft pack batteries, square shell batteries, large cells, and square aluminum shell batteries. Like our main gantry laser welding machine series, it can weld square shell soft pack batteries. It is a multi-purpose Model, one machine with multiple functions, for manufacturers who produce both pouch batteries and prismatic batteries, this gantry galvanometer laser welding machine can be described as a "good helper" for their welding.

The 2000-watt gantry galvanometer continuous laser welding machine can weld aluminum sheets with a thickness of 1.8mm-2.0mm, with high welding efficiency and high precision.

It can be expected that in different application scenarios, different technical routes will exist at the same time; on the other hand, they will also learn from and integrate with each other to continuously optimize the performance and cost of batteries.

In the future, major automakers will choose different technical routes to satisfy different automakers and scenarios.

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