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Plastic Laser Welding Machine 100w

Fly laser Best selling High Precision Plastic Laser Welding
Product Description
Plastic Laser Welding
As a conventional industrial material, plastic is widely used in various fields of industrial product manufacturing, such as automobiles, daily necessities, electronic components, medical treatment, aerospace, and even military use. in constant update.

Fly laser Best selling High Precision Plastic Laser Welding

Product Description

Plastic Laser Welding

As a conventional industrial material, plastic is widely used in various fields of industrial product manufacturing, such as automobiles, daily necessities, electronic components, medical treatment, aerospace, and even military use. in constant update. For the plastic bonding process, many mature processes such as gluing, hot pressing welding, ultrasonic welding, high frequency infrared and so on have been concentrated for a long time. However, with the improvement of plastic product process requirements, traditional plastic processing methods have been There are obvious deficiencies.

Laser welding has clear advantages in recent industrial manufacturing applications. Of course, the continuous improvement of laser technology and the continuous reduction of equipment costs have also prompted the industry to enter the stage of mass popularization. From the original general-purpose machine to adapt the material, it enters the stage where the equipment can be reversely customized according to the product.

At present, although laser welding has obvious advantages compared to traditional processes, laser welding is not a replacement, but a supplement to traditional processes. The cost of laser equipment is still in a relatively high field at present, so in general, processing applications with high process requirements (which cannot be completed by traditional processes) will be processed by laser methods.

The following table is a simple comparison with the conventional traditional process:

Traditional Process


Laser Welding Advantages

Hot plate, hot rod, etc. External external heat fusion method

In contact welding, the plastic residue is easy to be removed and difficult to remove, and the welding of different materials is prone to the problem of insufficient strength.

Contactless and flexible

The air tightness of the welded product is good

Three-dimensional complex contour welding can be realized

Safety and environmental protection, no noise and no pollution, no impurities except the masterbatch intervene in the weld.

Thermal stress on welded components is minimized

No tool wear

Vibration-free machining

No consumables required

High-precision, high-strength, beautiful welds

Can do ultra-fine welding seam processing

Easy to form automated production

hot air

Requires filler, high requirements for operators, not suitable for precision welding of small workpieces


At present, the mainstream welding method requires contact welding.


Packing is required, and pressure is maintained. Precision parts are prone to overflowing glue, and there is a problem of poor sealing.

High frequency, infrared welding

Requires built-in electromagnetic or thermally conductive media, and the application is limited.

friction welding

Application is limited。

Product Features:

Fully enclosed integrated appearance design, compound ergonomic design, and safety protection standards, automatic line interfaces are reserved on both sides. It can realize stand-alone operation and pipeline operation expansion. The processing area is completely isolated from the feeding area to ensure safe operation.

The built-in fume and dust treatment system can effectively remove the odor, dust, etc. generated during processing. Ensure the safety of the workplace.

The full closed-loop feedback system, the closed-loop response of processing temperature and processing speed, ensures the stability of mass production and processing, and the traceability of experimental data.

Customized professional plastic welding jig, fully turnkey operation. Simple and convenient operation.

Optional CCD coaxial monitoring system, the welding process can be monitored in real time.

Ultra-high-speed laser coaxial temperature real-time feedback system, precise temperature control, temperature within ±2 degrees during track welding. Ensure stable welding quality.

The processing form can be customized on demand, the galvanometer scanning method can be selected, and the four-axis three-link translation stage can be directly shot to complete the spatial trajectory welding processing.

Applicable material range:

Almost all thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers can be welded using laser welding technology. Commonly used welding materials are PP, PS, PC, ABS, polyamide, PMMA, POM, PET and PBT. Some other engineering plastics, such as polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and liquid crystal polymers, are not suitable for laser welding technology due to their low laser transmittance. Therefore, carbon black is often added to the underlying material so that it can absorb enough energy to meet the requirements of laser transmission welding.

The picture on the right shows the test results of conventional materials on the market based on a 980nm laser. Due to the limitations of the previous laser technology, the focus will be on the material transmittance. Our company can customize lasers of different wavelengths, so the applicability of materials is greatly improved. In theory, materials with similar plasticizing temperatures are Welding is possible.


Equipment Model



Maximum laser power


200w optional (50-200w) according to process needs

Processing method

Galvanometer scanning type/track type

(customized on demand, direct type)

Maximum processing range


can be customized

Z-axis focusing mode

Servo CNC focusing

Repeatability 0.02mm

Control system

Industrial PC

Temperature control range

100-600 degrees Celsius

Temperature control accuracy


CCD display mode

9 inch LCD independent display

Galvo movement repeatability


The minimum spot diameter


adjustable from 0.2-2mm, optional minimum to 0.1mm

Fiber length


can be customized


Plastic Welding Custom Fixtures


Soot treatment system

on demand

Sample picture

plastic laser welding machine 100w

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