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PCB Laser Soldering Machine

Fly laser Laser soldering machine
product description
1. Using non-contact welding, no mechanical stress damage, less thermal effect.

Fly laser Laser soldering machine

product description

1. Using non-contact welding, no mechanical stress damage, less thermal effect.

2. Multi-axis intelligent working platform (optional), which can adapt to various complex precision welding processes.

3 Optional. Coaxial CCD camera positioning and processing monitoring system can clearly display the solder joints and correct the alignment in time to ensure processing accuracy and automated production.

4. The fully closed-loop temperature feedback system can directly control the temperature of the solder joints, and can present the soldering temperature curve in real time to ensure the soldering yield.

5. The laser, CCD, temperature measurement, and indicator light are coaxial at four points, which perfectly solves the multi-optical path coincidence problem in the industry and avoids complex debugging.

6. Under the condition of ensuring the good rate, the minimum diameter of the welded joint is 0.3mm, and the welding time of a single solder joint is shorter.

7. X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis are suitable for the welding of more devices and are more widely used.

8. Stand-alone workstation operation, easy to move.

9. The closed-loop feedback synchronous tin feeding mechanism ensures stable tin feeding.

10. Three-axis manipulator, coaxial CCD visual teaching programming. Easy to operate

11. Customized design of automation equipment can be realized


1. Using spraying solder paste, feeding tin wire, and laser heating soldering technology

2. Solder paste spraying, tin wire feeding and laser welding can be completed in one stop, flexible and optional according to application scenarios

3. It has the advantages of non-contact, local heating, fast welding, etc.

4. The diameter of the laser spot can be adjusted, and multiple welding spots can be welded at the same time

5. CCD + laser ranging and positioning system to ensure welding accuracy and yield

6. Fool-style visual intelligent programming technology, solder joint programming is simple and easy to use





Laser source

Fiber Output Laser

Laser power


50w,80w.100w Optional

Fiber core diameter



Power consumption


Minimum spot of focus




Cooling system

Air cooling


CCD coaxial positioning

Control method

Industrial PC

Tin wire diameter


Optional tin wire diameter


Power supply


Motion platform stroke

X*Y*Z     200*300*200mm

Sample picture

pcb laser soldering machine

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