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How to make the trademark logo of ceramic tile more anti-counterfeiting and matching? The traditional sanitary ware ceramic trademark adopts the firing process, which has the problems of high cost, no change and easy falling off of the printed trademark. Now, the new process is carried out with a laser marking machine. The application of laser in ceramic industry is mainly used for the fine processing of logo, character, pattern, trademark, batch number, date, or pattern, number and other information with specific needs, so as to make it have a high sense of artistry and fashion and achieve a permanent mark. What kind of laser marking machine and how much power can be used to mark ceramics? Shangtuo laser recommends to use CO2 laser for marking. Generally, high-power CO2 laser marking machines are used, such as 60W, 100W, etc.

Lasers are a game-changer when it comes to industrial manufacturing, especially in the ceramic industry where precision and accuracy are paramount. Laser marking machines have become increasingly popular for their ability to mark, etch, and engrave a wide range of materials including ceramics with great accuracy and speed. One of the most commonly used laser marking machines in the ceramic industry is the CO2 laser marking machine.

CO2 laser marking machines work by emitting a high-energy beam of light that vaporizes the surface of the ceramic material – leaving a permanent mark. The process of CO2 laser marking is incredibly precise – allowing for the production of intricate, detailed designs that are impossible to achieve through other traditional methods.

The benefits of using CO2 laser marking machines in the ceramic industry are numerous. These machines are ideal for marking complex shapes, patterns, or logos with high accuracy, are cost-effective, and offer a non-contact, non-destructive, and high-speed marking process. Additionally, because CO2 lasers are considered a “cold” laser – the chance of heat damage, deformation, or cracking of the ceramic surface is significantly reduced.

Overall, CO2 laser marking machines have completely transformed the ceramic industry by offering a reliable, accurate, and efficient technology for marking ceramics. From decorative detailing to logo placement, CO2 laser marking machines have revolutionized the way we think about ceramic manufacturing.

With the progress of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for material living standards. Products should not only have applicable value, but also be exquisite. The pursuit of personalization has become a fashion in people's life, and carbon dioxide laser ceramic marking should also be unique. Professional ceramic laser marking has high efficiency and good effect. It provides a good marking method for ceramic sanitary ware, ceramic crafts, ceramic tableware and other products, which is deeply loved by a wide range of users.

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