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Laser Soldering Is Essential For The Microelectronics Industry

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Laser Soldering Is Essential For The Microelectronics Industry

With the development of precision, thin, short, small and differentiated electronic components, traditional processes have become increasingly unable to meet the needs of ultra-fine electronic substrates and multi-layered point-like parts for welding. With its technical advantages such as "non-contact welding, no static electricity, and real-time quality control", laser soldering has gradually become a new technology that makes up for the shortcomings of traditional welding processes, and has been widely used in the industry. As the market demands more, laser soldering technology also brings more development space to the electronics industry.

Definition of laser soldering

The principle of laser soldering is to use laser as a heating light source. The transmission fiber and the laser welding head cooperate with each other to focus the laser on the welding area. The laser radiation energy is converted into heat energy to melt the tin material and complete the welding.

Laser welding is divided into solder paste, tin wire and solder ball laser welding according to the state of the tin material. Compared with traditional wave soldering, reflow soldering, manual soldering iron soldering and other soldering processes, the laser light source of laser soldering is mainly semiconductor light source (808-980nm). Since the semiconductor light source belongs to the near-infrared band, it has good thermal effects. Its unique beam uniformity and laser energy sustainability have significant effects on uniform heating and rapid heating of the solder pads. It has high welding efficiency, precise control of the welding position, and smooth solder joints. It has the advantages of good consistency and is very suitable for precision welding of small and complex structural parts such as small and micro electronic components, complex circuit boards and PCB boards.

Laser soldering market size

The electronics industry is a national strategic development industry. At present, the stock market space of the consumer electronics industry is still very large. On the one hand, personal computers, tablets, and smartphones have begun to enter the red ocean competition landscape, and their respective products will follow. Breakthroughs in technological innovation bring about new technological applications and process changes. In addition, with further technological innovation, a number of new products have emerged in the field of consumer electronics. Such as wearable devices represented by smart watches and smart bracelets, AR/VR, consumer drones, etc. These emerging consumer electronics products are developing rapidly.

Tin connects all things. At present, the market is moving towards vertical volume growth and horizontal expansion of application fields, followed by the growth of market demand for electronic components. Soldering is an essential link in its production process. Therefore, including upstream industries Chains are also looking for laser soldering process solutions. It is believed that laser soldering will have astonishing explosive growth and a relatively large market volume now and for a long time to come.

Laser soldering applications

1. Laser soldering

Laser solder paste welding is a laser welding technology that uses laser as a heat source to heat solder paste and melt it. By applying solder paste on the pad, laser heating is used to melt the solder paste and then solidify to form a solder joint. The operation is relatively simple. However, since the solder paste is composed of small particles of tin beads, some of the solder beads are not completely melted due to the low heat at the edge of the laser spot and form residues, which may cause a short circuit to the circuit board. Therefore, laser solder paste soldering should be used as little as possible. Use anti-spatter solder paste to avoid short circuits caused by flying solder beads.

Laser solder paste welding principle

Laser solder paste welding is generally used in micro-precision parts, workpiece reinforcement and pre-tinning. In addition, it is also suitable for circuit conduction welding. It has a very good welding effect on flexible circuit boards, such as plastic antenna bases, because it is not easy to There are complex circuits, and good results can often be achieved through solder paste soldering.

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