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Uv Laser Marking Machine for Plastic

2022 newest Desktop mini 3w 5w 10w UV laser marking machine for Sun glass Pen Ceramic Plastic 
Product details:
1)355nm DPSS UV laser with average output power >3W@30KHz;

2022 newest Desktop mini 3w 5w 10w UV laser marking machine for Sun glass Pen Ceramic Plastic

Product details:

1)355nm DPSS UV laser with average output power >3W@30KHz;

2)Mark plastic, regular metals, wood, leather, fruits, ceramic, etc.;

3)Short wavelength 355nm, generating tiny laser spot, achieving elaborate marking effect;

4)Cold processing method, producing little heat, no thermal deformation on material surface;

5)Small size and portable design, and ready to work when connecting with a PC or laptop;

6)With RS-232 serial port line, computer remote control the machine;

7)With professional JCZ marking board and EZcad2 software, achieving accurate marking effect;

8)High effective aluminum cooling module, in-built 7 cooling fans, narrow air duct, quick cooling effect;

9)Laser lifespan > 20,000 hours. Afterwards, replace aging components to prolong lifespan.

Main Features of UV laser marking machine

Small beam diameter and fine marking line

Good quality and high laser beam stability

Complete machine stability, simple and easy operation

Narrow pulse width, small heat affected zone, work piece without damage

Suitable for sensitive material because of cold light source

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Wide Applications of UV Laser Marking Machine

(1) UV Laser Marker is widely used in electronic components, battery chargers, electric wire, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories (mobile phone screen, LCD screen) and communication products.

(2) Automobile and motorcycle spare parts, auto glass, instrument appliance, optical device, aerospace, military industry.

products, hardware machinery, tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, sanitary ware.

(3) Pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetics industry.

(4) Glass, crystal products, arts and crafts of surface and internal thin film etching, ceramic cutting or engraving,clocks andwatches and glasses.

(5) UV Laser Marking Machine can be marked on polymer material, majority of the metal and non-metallic materials for surface processing and coating film processing, previous to light polymer materials, plastic, fire prevention materials etc.





Wooden Product


Plastic Products

Leather Fabric

Glass Ceramic

Resin Plastic

Paper Packaging

Electronic Components

Hardware tool Products

3C Electronics

Precision Equipment

High & Low Voltage Electrical Appliances




Cabinet UV laser marking machine

Model number


Laser source

RFH Water cooling laser source

Wave length


Min line width


Repeating frequency


Marking field


Linear marking speed


Min font size


Positioning method

Double Red Light

Cooling method

Water cooling

Connect method

RS232  USB

Machine power

1600W 220V /110V 50HZ

Controlling system

Original JCZ board

Machine weight


Sample picture

laser marking machine uses

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