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Laser Engraving Machine with Z Axis

Fiber laser marking machine with Z axis
Fly laser this hot sale fiber laser marking machine is CE certified. Machine body is strong metal plate, with environment protect perfect painting. What's more, its high precise machine body suit not only normal mark but also high precise mark work.

Fiber laser marking machine with Z axis

Fly laser this hot sale fiber laser marking machine is CE certified. Machine body is strong metal plate, with environment protect perfect painting. What's more, its high precise machine body suit not only normal mark but also high precise mark work.

Product description

Fiber laser marking machine can do quickly and permanently mark of text, picture, serial numbers, bar codes, QR code, for all metal material and part nonmetal material. It mainly use for mark on tools, metal parts, jewelry, firearms and industry polymers. Many users buy it as animal ear tag laser marking machine, jewelry laser marking machine, led bulb laser marking machine, etc.

50W or above power fiber laser marking machine can have some cutting ability by mark many times, if want do some cut work of thin metal sheet like silver, aluminum, brass, gold 1mm thickness.

laser engraving machine with z axis

Material fly laser fiber laser marker can mark:

1.Metal: Aluminum, silver, brass, copper, stainless steel, gold, iron, steel,Titanium,coating material, anodized or treated metal,etc.

2.Nonmetal: Hard plastic, rubber, marble, granite, ceramic, ABS, leather, electroplating materials, coating materials, epoxy,etc.

Model details

Raycus Fiber Laser Source

Hot sale Raycus brand fiber laser source, with 100,000 hours life span and 3 years warranty. Each fiber laser source standard with test report.

Optional: MAX, JPT, IPG brand, JPT MOPA colorful mark fiber laser source.

PS: The price standard is for Raycus 20W fiber laser marking machine with computer.

Original BJJCZ Control Card

This advanced original BJJCZ control system, support add rotary device to laser marking machine.

SINO High Speed Galvanometer

High speed SINO scan head, scan head with on off button for out red dot pointer. Scan head inner with one inner red dot pointer for user easy preview marking content on worktable.

Optional: Germany SCANLAB scan head.

Auto focus can head.

Two Outer Red Dot Pointer

For easy find focus length, no need use ruler each time. When the 3 red dot coincide, means find the focus length.

Wavelength Brand Field Lens

Machine standard with 110x110mm marking area Wavelength brand field lens. But users can buy extra field lens for bigger area mark.

Like 150x150mm, 175x175mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x400mm. We will calibrate and record the parameters for each field lens for our users.

EZCAD Software

Machine with EZCAD software, it compatible with other software like Photoshop, AUTOCAD, Coreldraw,
users can use these softwares to make design then import the file to EZCAD to mark.


Industry Windows 10 Computer With Big LCD Monitor

This fiber laser marking machine standard with windows 10 computer, we will install the EZCAD software and driver to computer before send out and do full test. User can use it directly after receive machine.

If users do not want with PC, we have also mini model for choice, which compatible with you Windows 7/8/10.

Machine Buttons

Machine standard with air switch, emergency button, key switch, Laser button, Galvo button, USB 2.0 interface. Support online work, and support insert USB memory card offline work.


All Materials This Fiber Laser Marking Machine Can Mark

1. All metals: Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, chrome, Brass, Gold, Silver, etc

2. Alloy and metal oxides: Anodized Aluminum

3. Some non-metallic materials: Silicon wafer, Polyurethane, ceramics, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin, PVC, PC, ABS, Coating film etc.

For normal mark of text, pictures, portrait, series number on metal, 20w 30w is ok. If user want to cut thin metal sheet for jewelry, like cut 1mm silver gold, need at least 50w model, the higher the power, the faster can finish cut job.

50 watt fiber laser marking engraving machine


Fly laser Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal And Nonmetal


FLP-20/ FLP-30/ FLP-50/ FLP-60/ FLP-80/ FLP-100

Laser type

Fiber Laser, Raycus, MAX, IPG, JPT optional

Laser power

20W/ 30W/ 50W/ 60W/ 80W/ 100W/120W

Cooling system

Air cooling

Beam quality

M2< 1.5

Laser wavelength


Power adjustment range


Frequency of pulse


Power supply

220V/50Hz /8A (110V/60Hz /15A can choose)

Control system

Original BJJCZ



Graphic format supported


Working area

standard 110x110mm

Marking depth

single mark <1mm

Marking speed


Min. line width


Repeatability accuracy


Operation temperature


Operation system

Standard with Windows 10 PC

Operating environment

Clean and free of dust

Warranty for fiber laser source

One years for Raycus 20W 30W

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