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Ccd Uv Laser Marking Machine 3w

355nm Huaray 5W UV Laser Marking Machine and Laser Engraving Machine for Glass Plastic Paper Cloth Wood Metal----Fly laser Products
Product Description
The main advantage of the UV laser technology is the multi functionality and capacity of engraving over different materials,
including non-metal materials.

355nm Huaray 5W UV Laser Marking Machine and Laser Engraving Machine for Glass Plastic Paper Cloth Wood Metal----Fly laser Products

Product Description

The main advantage of the UV laser technology is the multi functionality and capacity of engraving over different materials,

including non-metal materials. This technology is also able to use the authorization system like rotary engraving, linear guide engraving, conveyor engraving system and Camera Capture System.

Features of 355 nm wavelength UV lasers

The absorption rate is incredibly high for a variety of materials, which allows marking and processing to be performed with

minimal heat stress. UV laser can engrave more materials than the fiber laser. The UV laser it can mark over different materials, but it has less power of engraving and carving over metal materials, it is there when the fiber laser machine it can have a significant advantage over the UV laser at the time of mark, engrave and carve metal materials.

-UV laser common applications

Mark: some metals, all glass, paper,fruits,wood,ceramic,garments

Mark and engrave: some stones, leather,all plastics-Quality assurance :continuously Working for 24 hours.-The high reliability of working situation.

-Double red light focus, convenient and fast.

-Compact, small size, convenient for transportation

ccd uv laser marking machine 3wchina ccd uv laser marking machine 3wccd uv laser marking machine 3w factory

Applicable Industry and Material:

1) Plastic material processing

UV laser can apply to most universal plastic and some engineering plastics, such as PP, PE, PBT, PET, PA, ABS, POM, PS, PC, PUS,EVA, etc., and plastic alloy, like PC/ABS and other material. The marking is clear and bright, and can mark black and white color on natural color plastic, white plastic, colored plastic and black plastic. Successful commercialized application in the plastics include animal ear tag, light switch cover, cosmetic packaging material, vehicle interior button and doorknob, instrument panel, ABS keyboard, HDPE, PET and PVC rigid container and container cover, nylon and PBT automobile and non-automobile electrical connector, engine hood element such as fuse box and air cap, anti-counterfeit labels, container lock catch, stationery, home appliance shell, etc.

2) Metal laser marking

UV laser can mark identification on common metals, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, carbon steel, various alloy steel, tool steel, hard alloy, aluminum alloy, chromium plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, various grinding, polished metal surface, etc. The identification can be logo, product name, technical parameter, supplier name, safety matters, etc.

3) UV laser precise drilling and cutting

UV laser can drill or cut common materials, such as plastic, glass, metals ,etc. Higher laser power, thicker materials to drill or cut. Our 5W UV laser can cut materials with thickness 1mm. Successful UV laser commercialized applications include clothing manufacture, shoe manufacture, crafts and gifts manufacture, machine, parts production, etc.

4) UV laser marking mask(non-woven fabric material

UV laser can mark non-woven fabric material, the marking is black and readable.

5) UV laser marking wood

UV laser is a cold processing method, it produces low heat when marking on wood. There is no risk of fire for UV laser marking on wood, while traditional fiber laser and CO2 laser are heat processing method, which may cause fire hazard.


Product name

UV laser marking machine portable Mini design

Model Number


Laser brand


service life

1 year warranty plus lifelong service and support

Laser type

UV laser

Work precision


control system


Marking Depth


Supported file types


Support language

English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Japanese

Applied materials

All metals and nonmetals, including some special materials such as transparent glass, crystal, film, etc.





Control cabinet

compact structure, small area,Less 0.5cbm


Optical holder

Precision fiber laser optical base assembly


Lifting mechanism

Electric, nominal stroke: S=300mm


Laser source

Huaray is committed to providing stable and reliable high-end laser products, serving high-end manufacturing and life science to
global customers, and realizing the comprehensive and sustainable development of the enterprise.


Galvo Scanning System

The galvanometer scanning system is an executive mechanism that makes the laser run according to the predetermined trajectory. It's mainly composed of a high precision servo motor, a motor drive board, a mirror, a F-θ lens and a DC power supply.



Standard software is WINDOWS interface, English operating system  compatible with
PHOTOSHOP,CORELDRAW,AUTOCAD and other drawing software; can achieve Chinese and English text, time and date, bar code, serial number marking, output Chinese and English, graphics, all kinds of bar code, QR code and so on. The font is fully functional, with up to 200 fonts. You can customize single-line fonts and create proprietary single-line fonts.

Powerful function:

the marking software runs under WIN7 and is compatible with the WIN10 system. The standard industrial control card is used to transmit the
data of the laser and the scanning head. The marking speed is greatly improved compared with the traditional method.

User-friendly: marking software allows personalized WINDOWS user interface settings, so the software can meet the personalized requirements of users.

Sample picture

uv ccd camera laser marking machine

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