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Is It Better To Use Lithium Batteries Or Lead-Acid Batteries For Electric Vehicles?

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Is It Better To Use Lithium Batteries Or Lead-Acid Batteries For Electric Vehicles?

The more commonly used batteries for electric vehicles are lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. With the continuous development and update of lithium battery technology and wide application, lithium batteries have a certain influence in the electric vehicle industry. However, because of some of their own performance, In terms of cost performance and defects, lithium batteries still have a long way to go if they want to completely replace traditional lead-acid batteries as the big brother of the rivers and lakes. "The revolution has not been successful, comrades in lithium batteries still need to work hard!"

Having said that, what is the difference between the two? Let's learn about it with Feilei Laser.

1. Environmental comparison

Lithium batteries are non-polluting and adapt to the development of the current national environmental protection policy; while lead-acid batteries are polluted by heavy metal lead.

2. Security Comparison

The materials of lithium batteries are mainly lithium manganese oxide and lithium iron phosphate. Different materials lead to differences in their safety. However, lead-acid battery technology has experienced 150 years of development, and its safety is much safer than that of lithium batteries. a lot of.

3. Comparison of service life

Lithium batteries are currently charged 1500 times, and have no memory effect. After charging 1500 times, the storage capacity is about 85%. After charging about 500 times, the storage capacity of lead-acid batteries will decrease significantly, and there is obvious memory effect, so it is out the result. Lithium batteries last longer.

4. Energy comparison

The mass ratio, volume ratio, and energy ratio of lithium batteries are generally about 40% higher than those of lead-acid batteries.

5. Price comparison

Under the same capacity, the price of lithium battery is more than double that of lead-acid battery.

6. Durability

Lithium batteries have strong durability and good vibration resistance. When fully charged, they are safe and fixed, and consume slowly. Their general lifespan is 4-5 years; while the general lifespan of lead-acid batteries is about 2 years. 

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Note: If you are using a maintenance-free lead-acid battery, pay attention to the low water content of the battery, and generally do not need to add distilled water during use.

To sum up, models using lithium batteries are better than models using lead-acid batteries in terms of battery life, battery life, environmental protection, vehicle handling, and charging convenience.

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