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Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Of New Energy Lithium Battery Pack Production Line——Fly Laser

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Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Of New Energy Lithium Battery Pack Production Line——Fly Laser

Electric vehicles are one of the main themes of current social development, and all countries are seizing the strategic commanding heights of new energy vehicles.

As an expert in intelligent manufacturing of new energy pack production lines in the new era, Fly Laser has developed an automated production line for square shell soft pack PACK modules.

Station 1. Manual loading

The process begins with manual loading. The battery cells are manually taken out of the box and placed on the belt line, and then transported to the truss platform through the belt line. The needle conducts a voltage internal resistance test. After the test, it judges that the cell is NG/OK, and after the judgment is completed, it is sent to the NG/OK channel.

Station 2. Manual glue application

The battery cells flowing down from the front OK belt are manually removed and glued. After completion, they are laid down and placed on the upper belt line to wait for stacking.

Station 3. Manual stacking

After the gluing station is completed, the battery cells flow down, and the battery cells are manually taken out, and the stacking is completed online.

Station 4. Manual labeling

The first station that flows into the line body from the lifting table is used as a manual module labeling for subsequent polarity detection, laser welding, and data recording of post-weld inspection.

Station 5. Polarity detection before module welding

After entering the visual recognition station, perform visual recognition and take photos to eliminate welding problems due to wrong order of positive and negative electrodes. Its advantages are accurate monitoring, stable data, and the detection data is uploaded to the host computer, which can monitor real-time data in detail.

Station 6. Side plate welding

The group of batteries transferred from the stacking station is put into the extrusion station, and the side plates are placed. After the extrusion station is set, the side plate is welded by the robotic arm. After the welding is completed, the extrusion station is reset and transferred to the assembly line by the robotic arm.

Station 7. Pole welding

After the aluminum row is placed, the blocking cylinder is released, the module moves forward to the welding position, the welding sensor senses the module to be welded, the jacking cylinder lifts the pallet up, and after the jacking is completed, the laser welding machine is given a welding signal, and then the The visual equipment performs feature capture to improve the welding progress, and laser welding is performed after the capture is completed.

Station 8. Pressure resistance internal resistance test

After the welding of the aluminum bar is completed, it enters the post-welding withstand voltage insulation test. The principle is to apply a voltage higher than the normal working voltage to the insulator of the equipment under test for a specified period of time. The smaller the leakage current, the better the insulation. Through the inspection, the material can be cut for back-end pre-market product inspection.

Station 9. FPC welding

After the pole welding is completed, two stations are reserved as the FPC welding preparation process, and the process can be changed according to customer needs. Galvanometer laser welding head, high welding speed and high precision

Station 10. Unloading of the balanced boom

After the post-welding visual inspection is completed, it flows into the rear-end lifting platform. Due to the large mass of the module, the daily work intensity of manual blanking is too high, so the balanced crane is used to grab the blanking. After blanking, the lifting platform descends to The tray is sent to the lower double-speed chain and sent to the front lifting platform.

Fly Laser focuses on new energy lithium battery laser welding equipment and pack automatic assembly line!

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