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How To Improve The Efficiency Of Laser Cleaning Oxide Layer?

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To improve the efficiency of laser cleaning of the oxide layer, the following measures can be taken:

1. Choose the right laser system: It is very important to choose the right laser cleaning equipment according to different cleaning needs. Different equipment may have different powers, wavelengths and cleaning modes. Choosing the equipment that suits your needs can improve cleaning efficiency.
2. Adjust laser parameters: According to the material of the target object and the nature of the dirt, adjust the laser parameters, such as power, pulse width and frequency, etc. By adjusting the laser parameters, the laser can act on the target object more specifically and improve the cleaning effect.
3. Optimize the cleaning process: rationally plan the cleaning process according to the geometric shape and size of the cleaning object. For complex-shaped areas, appropriate scanning methods and cleaning paths can be adopted to ensure that the laser can fully cover and clean every corner. At the same time, parameters such as cleaning speed and beam overlap rate can be adjusted as needed to improve cleaning efficiency.
4. Strengthen pre-processing and post-processing: Pre-processing the target object before laser cleaning, such as removing surface oil, dust, etc., will help improve the effect and efficiency of laser cleaning. At the same time, post-processing can be performed after laser cleaning, such as drying, spraying protective agents, etc., to extend the anti-oxidation performance and service life of the material.
To sum up, improving the efficiency of laser cleaning of oxide layers requires starting from many aspects, including selecting a suitable laser system, adjusting laser parameters, optimizing the cleaning process, and strengthening pre- and post-processing.

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