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How To Distinguish The Difference Between Power Battery And Energy Storage Battery

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With the rapid development of the world economy, new energy has become the mainstream of the world. With the rapid development of my country's energy storage and new energy automobile industries, the demand for lithium batteries will continue to rise. With the rapid development of industries such as power tools, digital cameras, and household energy storage, the demand for lithium batteries will continue to grow, and the concept of lithium batteries has a bright future.

According to different uses, lithium-ion batteries can be divided into three types: consumption type, power type and energy storage type. For now, the development prospects of lithium batteries are mainly focused on power batteries and energy storage batteries, which are mainly used for electric vehicles and energy storage. There is not much difference in technical principles between energy storage batteries and power batteries, but in practical applications, their performance and service life are also different.

The application range of power batteries includes electric vehicles, electric bicycles and other electric tools; power lithium batteries are a kind of mobile power supply with high energy density and high power density, and their service life can reach 1000-2000 times.

The application range of energy storage batteries includes peak shaving, frequency regulation, renewable energy grid connection, micro grid, etc. Most energy storage devices do not require movement, so energy density and power density are not required. Different energy storage schemes have different requirements for energy density; in terms of battery materials, attention should be paid to the expansion rate of materials, energy density, and electrode material performance Uniformity to achieve better service life and lower price.

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According to the shape of the product, the power and energy storage system can be divided into cells, modules and components. The battery cell is the core component of the power battery. It can be assembled into a complete battery pack and finally applied to new energy vehicles.

Power batteries and energy storage batteries are currently the most common types of batteries on the market. With the progress of the times, laser welding machines have become the preferred process for major battery manufacturers. Feilei laser welding equipment is because of its high-quality product quality , has been recognized by most professionals. Feilei Laser has a variety of laser welding machines. Whether it is a power battery, an energy storage battery, or a prismatic battery, there are welding equipment for welding, and there is also a multi-purpose laser welding machine.

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