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How To Choose High-Quality Laser Welding Equipment Manufacturers

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How To Choose High-Quality Laser Welding Equipment Manufacturers

In recent years, laser welding technology has been more and more widely used in the fields of micro-motors, automobiles, military industry, printed circuit boards, etc. At the same time, due to its unique technical advantages, it has also attracted a large number of customers to come to buy. However, due to the huge development potential of the laser welding industry, the current level of domestic laser welding enterprises is uneven. Therefore, choosing a laser welding enterprise with complete functions and high quality is a problem faced by most enterprises at present. The following are some key points for Lithium battery laser welding machine manufacturer Fly Laser to teach you how to choose a laser equipment supplier.

3000w fiber laser welding machine

First: Assess the company's technical level

Laser welding technology is a very high technology. Many years ago, foreign companies have been monopolizing the production of high-end lasers, but with the advancement and innovation of technology, some domestic companies have also developed and specialized products. Therefore, to choose a high-quality laser welding company, first of all, it depends on the academic qualifications of the technicians, and secondly, whether they have an excellent R&D team.

Second: after-sales service

At the same time, because of the high-tech laser welding process, customers should consider the company's after-sales service when purchasing. A good laser welding company should fulfill the obligation of notification before purchasing and provide professional technical consultation and trial services. It is responsible for the commissioning and installation of equipment, and maintenance of daily services.

Third: relevant training

The basic cleaning and maintenance functions of laser equipment, the handling methods of some common problems in the daily use of equipment, some precautions in the production process, and the handling of emergencies are all necessary skills for customers to use the machine. A responsible Most companies will take the initiative to provide customers with corresponding skills, let them consider issues from the perspective of customers, and put customer requirements first.

The market demand for laser welding is increasing, but when customers choose a suitable company, they must not only consider these factors, but also integrate the company's experience, reputation and cost performance in this field. Selecting high-quality laser welding and giving full play to its unique advantages such as flexibility, depth, rapid heating, and rapid cooling can greatly enhance the user's product competitiveness and stand out in the market competition.

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