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How Much Does A 2000W Gantry Standard Laser Welding Machine Cost

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How Much Does A 2000W Gantry Standard Laser Welding Machine Cost

With the development of industry, traditional electric welding and argon arc welding have been gradually replaced by lighter and faster laser welding. At present, there are two main types of laser welding machines and handheld laser welding machines, among which laser welding machines are currently the most widely used in the market. The reason why it can win the recognition of the vast market is that it breaks through the limitation of the workbench, it is flexible and convenient to use, and has good welding effect and high efficiency. It does not require too much technology, and ordinary female workers can also Easy to operate.

1500w fiber laser welding machine

With the growing demand for laser welding machines, Feilei Laser, as a manufacturer of lithium battery laser welding machines, receives many inquiries about equipment every day, especially how much does a 2000W gantry continuous laser welding machine cost?

The 2000W laser welding machine mainly includes: laser, chiller, control software, welding head, cabinet, etc. Usually we sell it in complete sets. The price of the 2000W gantry laser welding machine starts at 170,000. According to the specific requirements of customers, the price is also There will be corresponding changes.

The price of a laser welding machine is related to the laser power. The higher the power, the higher the price. In addition to the price of the equipment, the brand of the equipment and accessories should also be considered. Fly Laser is generally equipped with max lasers. Different brands will result in different laser welding quality and service life.

The laser welding machine adopts a scientific design to ensure the least space and the greatest flexibility, making it the new darling of the current new energy vehicle power battery.

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