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How Does The Mold Laser Welding Machine Repair The Mold?

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The steps for mold laser welding machine to repair the mold are as follows:

1. When repairing welding, the main thing is to control the melting degree of the welding wire. When the degree of melting is not good, the processing parameters should be increased until the melting is sufficient; however, it is not suitable to adjust the parameters too high.
2. During the repair welding process, pull out the welding wire, dry it and then add the welding wire again. This cycle operation is also to ensure that the welding wire is fully melted.
3. Sand holes may appear if the argon gas protection is not good during the repair welding process.
4. After welding a weld mark, it is necessary to widen the weld mark. Using a laser to connect the weld mark and the mold surface to remove holes and add welding wire can also prevent the appearance of sand holes.
It is recommended to consult Feilei Laser for more specific information.

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