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Precautions For Using Metal Laser Cutting Machines

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Precautions For Using Metal Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting machines are important equipment for sheet metal processing, and the correct selection of laser cutting machine brands is also an important prerequisite for improving their service life. Therefore, after purchasing a machine, we must master standard and standardized machine operation processes and methods to reduce failure rates and improve service life. The following are the standard specifications and precautions for laser cutting machines:

The first

thing to do is to strictly follow the regulations, follow the principles of turning on and off, and do not forcibly turn off or on


employees are not allowed to operate the machine without training. Only after complete training can they operate the machine

the workplace of metal laser cutting machines should be kept clean. Using electric tools in a disorganized workplace can easily lead to accidents


the environment of the metal laser cutting machine workplace should be maintained. The workplace should be bright; Electric tools should not be exposed to rain, should not be used in damp areas, should not be stored in paint, adhesives, gasoline, diluents, or other flammable and explosive places


the cutting diameter of the metal laser cutting machine during operation cannot exceed 50MM; It must be used at the specified speed. It is strictly prohibited to remove the protective cover


if there is dust flying in the workplace, a mask and safety glasses should be worn


pay attention to clothes and clothing. Wearing loose and large cuffed clothes to operate electric tools is very dangerous, as it may be entangled by high-speed rotating gears and cause accidents


When working, it is necessary to stand steadily and maintain the correct balance posture. During the operation, it is not allowed to use hands to cross tools for picking up objects or other processing


prevent accidental starting. Before inserting the electrical plug into the socket, the switch should be in the "off" position


metal laser cutting machines should not be used during fatigue


during trial operation, attention should be paid to checking the integrity of the cutting blades, and people should not face the gears directly


when stopping rotation, if abnormal noise or vibration is found, the power should be immediately turned off


inertia force will be generated during startup, so during operation, the tool should be pressed with the right hand and the power switch should be turned on with the left hand


no part of the body should be too close to the rotating cutting blade, let alone touch it

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