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Fly Laser Teaches You The Operation Steps Of Laser Welding Machine

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Fly Laser Teaches You The Operation Steps Of Laser Welding Machine

1. Carefully read the product manual of the laser welding machine, and strictly follow the process requirements, and do not disassemble the parts of the welding equipment at will. After Xinde Laser lithium battery laser welding equipment arrives at the customer's site, if there are enough technicians, technicians will be arranged to conduct machine training within a week, such as starting up, setting parameters, welding battery practical operations, etc. If the customer is in a hurry to start production, video training can be provided first, and the operation of the laser welding machine is also quite simple. The significance of the training is to make customers familiar with the operation process of welding equipment as soon as possible, and how to deal with some minor problems.

2. Use the equipment in a place with good light, and clear the obstacles in the work site. The site is spacious and clean, and it is also beneficial to the body of the staff.

3. Check whether the power supply and buttons of the laser welding machine can be welded correctly. If the first step is done correctly, it will not affect the subsequent operation process.

4. Turn on the power, turn on the laser welding machine, set the parameters, put the parts to be welded on the welding table, and adjust the height, angle and spot size of the device. During use, do not directly look at the laser beam with your eyes, and do not touch it with your hands to avoid injury; if there are problems such as water leakage and abnormal sound, press the "emergency stop" button immediately.

5. After exiting the laser welding machine, turn off the working equipment and the main power switch in order to make it work normally.

In addition, if there is a problem in use, you can also contact the sales staff. If it is during the quality assurance period, the after-sales service of Fly Laser will provide you with free service.

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