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Fiber Lasers Revolutionize Industry

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Fiber Lasers Revolutionize Industry

With the development of industry and the progress of production technology, the production equipment of various fiber lasers is also being introduced continuously. As a representative of the third generation of laser technology, what are the benefits of fiber lasers to the industry?

1. Since the fiber laser does not use an optical lens in the cavity, there is no adjustment, no maintenance, and high stability. Fly Laser's welding equipment laser is the same brand supplier as Han's Laser-max Laser.

2. Optical fiber output technology enables fiber lasers to easily realize a variety of multi-dimensional and arbitrary space processing, which simplifies the design of mechanical systems.

Three, high power, the fiber laser used in the market now is 6000 watts. Xinde Laser's laser welding machine has the largest fiber laser power of 6000 watts, such as gantry continuous laser welding machine, gantry galvanometer laser welding machine, manipulator laser welding machine, flowing water penetrating laser welding machine and other models have 6000 watts of power .

Fourth, due to the energy level of rare earth ions and the types of various rare earth ions, the wavelength of the output laser is longer. The machine wavelength of Xinde Laser's welding equipment is 1070nm.

5. There is no need to use thermoelectric cooling or water cooling, only a simple air cooling.

6. High electro-optic efficiency, the comprehensive utilization rate of electro-optic can reach 20%, which saves a lot of electricity and operating costs during the work process.

7. Adapt to the harsh working environment and have high tolerance to dust, vibration, impact, temperature and humidity.

It can be seen that fiber lasers are of great benefit to industry. Fiber lasers can not only bring technological innovation to industry, but also ensure the production process of products.

Fly Laser's laser welding machine has 12 years of dedicated experience in the field of lithium battery welding, which can ensure the quality and beauty of the lithium battery welding process.

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