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Difficulties In The Application Of Laser Welding Technology In Brazing

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Difficulties In The Application Of Laser Welding Technology In Brazing

As we all know, in the list of non-ferrous metals, aluminum ranks first, and copper ranks second, second only to aluminum. Because copper itself has good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent plasticity, and is easy to process by hot pressing and cold pressing, it is widely used in construction industry, electrical machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method that uses a high-energy-density laser beam as a heat source. Laser welding has the advantages of high energy density, less molten metal, small heat-affected zone, and superior welding quality. Because high-reflection materials have a low absorption rate for fiber lasers, processing is also difficult, which leads to more requirements for laser light sources.

6000w fiber laser welding machine

Problems that are prone to occur in copper welding:

(1) Difficulty in blending and variability: Copper itself has a large thermal conductivity, so the heat transfer speed will be very fast during welding, and the overall heat-affected zone of the weldment is also relatively large, making it difficult to blend materials together; Secondly, because the linear expansion coefficient of copper is very large, when welding is heated, the clamping degree of the fixture is not well controlled, which is easy to deform the material.

(2) Pores are prone to appear: copper is prone to porosity during welding, especially during deep penetration welding. There are two reasons for the appearance of pores: one is the pores directly generated by the dissolution of hydrogen in copper, which are called diffusive pores; the other is the pores generated by oxidation and reduction, which are called reaction pores.


In the room, the absorption rate of red copper to infrared laser is 5%, and the absorption rate can reach about 20% after heating to the vicinity of the melting point. Therefore, in order to realize laser deep penetration welding of red copper, the laser power density must be increased.

The high-power laser is used to match the swing welding head, and the beam is used to stir the molten pool and expand the keyhole during deep penetration welding, which is conducive to gas overflow, stronger welding, less spatter, and fewer micropores after welding.

Soldering skills:

(1) The angle of the welding head is tilted during welding to avoid long-term reflection damage to the laser.

(2) The power of the laser must reach the absorption value of copper to prevent light from being reflected.

(3) The energy density ratio of the small core diameter of the laser can easily reach the absorption value of copper.

(4) Rocking welding can improve the surface quality of welding.

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