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Difficulties In Copper Laser Welding Process

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In the current industrial production, the consumption of red copper ranks second only to aluminum. Copper in construction. electric. It has been widely used in machinery manufacturing and other fields. Copper has excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, plasticity, cold pressing and other processes, and is widely used in various industries.

Problems that are prone to occur when welding copper:

(1) Difficulty and variability in melting: Since copper has a large coefficient of heat conduction system, the heat conduction rate is very high during the welding process, and the heat-affected zone of the entire weld is large, making it difficult to combine materials; With a large coefficient of linear expansion, in the welding process, the clamping force of the fixture is not appropriate, which will cause the deformation of the material.

(2) It is easy to produce voids: In copper welding, another major problem is porosity, especially in deep penetration welding. There are two reasons for the pores, one is the diffusion pores formed by the dissolution of hydrogen in copper, and the other is the reaction pores formed during hydrogenation reduction.

fiber laser welding machine effect


At room temperature, the absorption rate of copper is about 5%, and when it is close to the melting point, its absorption rate can reach 20%. Therefore, in order to achieve laser deep melting of copper, it is necessary to increase the laser power density.

Using high-power laser and vibrating mirror to weld the joint, use the beam to stir the molten pool, expand the keyhole, improve the stability of the molten pool, reduce spatter, and reduce micropores after welding.

Welding copper renderings:

Fly laser welding equipment is not only a professional intelligent equipment for welding lithium batteries, but also can weld related copper materials. However, our laser welding machine cannot weld very thick copper materials. For specific welding thickness, please contact our official phone number.

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