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Cross-Race Second-Hand Batteries

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Cross-Race Second-Hand Batteries

What is a battery? A storage battery is a device that directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It is a rechargeable battery designed to be recharged through a reversible chemical reaction. It usually refers to a lead-acid battery and belongs to a secondary battery. Its working principle: charging When using external electric energy to regenerate internal active substances, store electric energy as chemical energy, and convert chemical energy into electric energy output again when it needs to be discharged, just like mobile phone batteries commonly used in daily life.

When it comes to batteries, everyone immediately thinks of electric vehicles. How far an electric car can run depends mainly on how much electricity its battery can store. For the new electric car just bought, it must run fast, but people who have electric cars will find that after riding the electric car for a period of time, you will obviously find that after the electric car is fully charged once, the riding time was significantly reduced. This is a common problem with batteries (it will become difficult to store electricity after a long time). At this time, people's first reaction is to change the battery to prolong the storage time of the electric vehicle, so now there are quite a lot of sellers who replace the battery of the electric vehicle.

According to the analysis of professionals, many of the "new batteries" we buy are actually wearing "new clothes" on the surface, and there are indeed various assemblies inside, or "crossing multiple races". The name of the name sells batteries. Most of this "cross-race" second-hand batteries will cause unstable performance during the charging process, which will bury hidden dangers for safety.

There are also many batteries that are shoddy, with simple protection boards, lack of fuses, etc., and even typos in the product names. This situation will lead to unimaginable consequences. According to statistics, there were 6,462 electric vehicle fire incidents in the first half of this year, causing very serious social security problems.

Although almost every family owns a car now, many people like to ride electric vehicles for short-term transportation or short-distance transportation. If the battery safety cannot be guaranteed, it will be very dangerous. This depends on the standards of conscientious merchants to produce batteries with safe performance.

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